MANILA, FEBRUARY 14, 2011 (STAR) By Abac Cordero - Bob Arum isn’t taking Shane Mosley lightly. Certainly not.

But at the MGM Grand Saturday, the legendary promoter told some members of the media he has already marked November for Manny Pacquiao’s next fight.

The venue, he said, will depend on who the opponent is. He mentioned only three names – Floyd Mayweather, of course, Juan Manuel Marquez, could be, and Andre Berto, perhaps.

“Floyd is still our number one priority,” said Arum, referring to the undefeated American, who’s in the news these days more for his misdeeds at home or out on the road.

“We want to find out if he’s available or what his legal status is. Right now I have no idea,” said Arum of the fighter who’s facing charges from assault, larceny to felony.

Arum and Mayweather were at last week’s Super Bowl in Denver, and even had their picture taken together. But the ageless chief of Top Rank said they never discussed boxing.

“If it’s Floyd, then certainly it’s Vegas,” he said.

“But if it’s Marquez, we might go somewhere else,” Arum added.

Somewhere else could mean Abu Dhabi, which has an old bid going, or Singapore or even Tokyo. Arum said they will weigh all the offers from these venues when the right time comes.

“We’ll see,” Arum said.

But whoever it is, and regardless of the venue, Arum said Pacquiao’s next fight will be at 147 lb, and that’s assuming, of course, that the Filipino icon gets past Mosley on May 7.

Because if he doesn’t, then there’s the possibility of a rematch.

“From now on Manny is going to fight at 147. He is the welterweight champion and he will defend that title. Anybody who wants to fight Manny should fight him at 147,” Arum said.

“Nothing less,” he added.

Mosley's last 2 bouts unimpressive By Abac Cordero (The Philippine Star) Updated February 14, 2011 12:00 AM

LAS VEGAS – Two tapes. Two fights.

That’s all Manny Pacquiao needs for him to know more of Shane Mosley.

“We will study his last two fights,” said Pacquiao when he faced the media Saturday inside the MGM Grand Garden Arena where on May 7 he takes on the 39-year-old American.

By way of his last two fights, Pacquiao was referring to Mosley vs Floyd Mayweather in May and Mosley vs Sergio Mora in September last year.

Against Mayweather, Mosley had a brief shining moment in the secound round, and no more, as he lost on points. Against Mora, he settled for am ugly draw when he could have gone for the win.

Pacquiao was asked if that was all he wanted to see.

“Yes, just his last two fights,” he answered back.

“I know he can still punch,” Pacquiao added.

But the last time Mosley really showed that he can punch was in January of 2009 when he knocked out Antonio Margarito, who lasted the distance against Pacquiao last November.

Mosley said the fact that he knocked out Margarito when Pacquiao failed should make the coming fight more interesting.

“He busted him bad but he didnt knock him out. That’s because of the difference in size,” said Mosley, knowing of course that Margarito stood almost five inchest taller than Pacquiao.

Mosley is listed at 5’9” with a wingspan of 74 inches. Pacquiao is just over 5’6” with a wingspan of 67 inches.

“That’s why Margarito landed some shots and hurt him at times. And I’mm faster and physically stronger than Margarito,” said Mosley.

“But everybody’s faster than Margarito,” a member of the American press said.

“As I said, styles make fights. Pacquiao picked the right guy to fight,” Mosley said.

It all remains to be seen.

Chief News Editor: Sol Jose Vanzi

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