[PHOTO AT LEFT - Freddie Roach in HOLLYWOOD – There are still fights to be made, big fights, just in case Floyd Mayweather Jr. plays hard to get with Manny Pacquiao]

MANILA, NOVEMBER 19, 2009 (STAR) By Abac Cordero - Freddie Roach said while a fight with Mayweather is the one people are talking about, there’s always a Plan B or a Plan C for the Filipino pound-for-pound champion and newly crowned WBO welterweight king.

The hottest trainer in the sport today, back in business at his Wild Card Gym three days after guiding Pacquiao to a historically sensational win over Miguel Cotto, already has in mind some very good options.

He said if the fight with Mayweather doesn’t happen, Pacquiao can face the winner between WBA welterweight champion Shane Mosley and Haitian-American Andre Berto who climb the ring in Vegas on Jan. 30.

“Maybe the winner of that Mosley-Berto fight can be a great fight for Manny,” said Roach.

He said Mosley will be in for a tough fight against Berto, but whoever wins that fight stands a chance of facing Pacquiao next year and earn something they’ve never earned in their lives.

“That’s a very difficult fight for both sides,” he said.

Another name which Roach mentioned was that of Juan Manuel Marquez, the stubborn Mexican counter-puncher who, to this day, believes that he beat Pacquiao when they last met in March last year.

The first time they met in 2004, it was a draw, as controversial as Pacquiao’s split decision victory last year.

“Maybe we can do Marquez one more time and give him a rematch. We can fight anybody. Who knows. It will definitely be a big fight,” said Roach.

The problem with Marquez is that Pacquiao is no longer interested in facing him a third time, saying he seriously doubts if people would still come out and see the fight when there’s no more issue to settle.

In those two matches, Pacquiao has floored Marquez four times, thrice in the first round of their first meeting and once in the third round of their last fight. The Pinoy icon feels he’s got nothing more to prove against Marquez so why take the risk.

“May manonood pa ba kung Marquez? Baka wala nang manood (Would people come and watch a Marquez fight? I don’t think so),” said Pacquiao.

Roach disagreed.

“I think it’s the history they have. He almost got him last time. With the history they have, it makes me want to see. We can put that fight in Texas or maybe in the Philippines,” said Roach.

But Marquez, the great trainer said, should agree to fight Pacquiao at 145 lb.

“I like that weight for Manny,” said Roach.

And that’s for a fight with whoever’s out there, whether it’s Mayweather, Mosley, Berto or Marquez.

Pacquiao-Cotto pay-per-view buys to reach 2 million? (The Philippine Star) Updated November 19, 2009 12:00 AM

The recent welterweight megafight between Filipino boxing icon Manny Pacquiao and Puerto Rican WBO champion Miguel Cotto is expected to generate close to 2 million pay-per-view buys.

“They’re very good,” said Top Rank promoter Bob Arum in an interview with, referring to the PPV figures. “Yeah, it’s well over one million but I really don’t know. It will be somewhere north of one million.”

Rey Colón of the “El Vocero” of Puerto Rico reported that the fight, which Pacquiao won via a convincing 12th round TKO, made approximately two million pay-per-view buys generating at least $120 million in revenues.

No word on what Pacquiao´s cut will be but Cotto was mentioned to be making at least $10 million. (Related story on Page 21)

Pacquiao had a guaranteed purse of $13 million in the Cotto fight.

Arum has earlier indicated that he had “pretty much the final numbers” for Puerto Rico alone which he said “set a record” by surpassing the previous record of 80,000 for the Felix “Tito” Trinidad-Oscar De La Hoya fight.

He also guessed that the Pacquiao-Cotto duel, billed as Firepower and which drew 16,200 fans at the MGM Grand Arena, did a little bit more than 110,000, adding that the fight would do around 1.3 million although he said there were no numbers from New York, Pennsylvania and California, which are big points.

In an interview with, Arum, however, said that he had the figures for San Diego and Hawaii “which were good numbers.”

Arum recalled that the Pacquiao-De La Hoya fight last year did 1.25 million buys and in the East “so far we are doing 40 percent better and in the West we are doing about 10 percent less.”

Arum also said that “we are happy because we did well over a million homes and I think it will be closer to 1.5 million.”

There were keen interests on the number of PPV buys for the Pacquiao-Cotto fight since this will weigh heavily on the negotiations for the potential blockbuster fight between Pacquiao against the unbeaten Mayweather.

For one, Arum said he would wait for the final result of the PPV before making a move to negotiate with the Golden Boy Promotions, which handles Mayweather.

Even Mayweather Jr., who the world wants to be Pacquiao’s next opponent, has admitted that the Pacquiao-Cotto fight should do more buys than his bout with Juan Manuel Marquez which posted 1.1 million.

“I’ve done over a million homes by myself. Now we got Pacquiao and Cotto, two guys who have a pretty cool fan base, so if they do more homes than Mayweather, more power to them, but they supposed to. I don’t have no dance partner,” said Mayweather Jr. in an interview with Sky Sports. – Dante Navarro

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