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MANILA, JUNE 8, 2009 (STAR) By Abac Cordero - Manny Pacquiao should avoid falling into the trap being laid out for him by Shane Mosley.

One of Pacquiao’s advisers – Rex “Wakee” Salud – issued the warning after Mosley said he’s ready to stake his WBA welterweight crown if he gets to face the Filipino champion at a catch weight of 144 lb on Oct. 17.

It was also reported that Mosley has agreed to a 60/40 split in favor of the reigning pound-for-pound champion, and on the inclusion of a rematch clause in the fight contract, in case he wins over Pacquiao.

Salud said it’s all too good to be true.

“Manny may be too small for Mosley if he agrees to fight at 144 pounds. Baka naman makawawa tayo (We may end up short-changed),” said the boxing figure from Cebu.

“It’s Mosley who needs Manny so he should agree to what Freddie Roach (Pacquiao’s trainer) wants and that’s 142. Or at least, maybe they can make 143. But not 144,” added Salud.

Mosley, a 37-year-old American, can stake his WBA title if he fights Pacquiao at a catch weight of anywhere from 140.1 lb to 147 lb which is the welterweight limit.

Salud said Pacquiao should only agree to fight Mosley if it’s 142 or 143 lb. The Pinoy icon is also looking at Miguel Cotto as his next opponent, and the decision may come later this month.

Even Gerry Peñalosa, the former world bantamweight champion, said it wouldn’t be wise for Pacquiao to fight Mosley at 144 lb.

“Baka mahirapan masyado si Manny kay Mosley kapag 144 (Manny may have a very difficult time with Mosley at 144),” said Peñalosa.

He said Mosley, who started his career in 1993 at 136 lb (Pacquiao made his pro debut in 1994 at 106 lb), can make 144 for the weigh-in and climb the ring a monster at 154 or even more.

“Baka mapiga ng kaunti sa pagkuhang timbang sa 144 pero madali makaka-recover (He might squeeze himself a bit to make weight but can easily recover),” said Peñalosa of Mosley.

Salud recalled that for the Oscar dela Hoya fight last December, Pacquiao only weighed 142 or five lb lower than the weight limit agreed upon.

And for the Ricky Hatton fight last month, Pacquiao only weighed 138 or two lb lighter than the limit.

“That’s Manny’s comfort zone, to weigh in at 138, 140 or 142 lb. If he agrees to 144, that will give Mosley all the comfort he needs,” Salud said.

Mosley said he can try and make 144 and then he plans to climb the ring against Pacquiao at 154 lb or anywhere he’s comfortable at without sacrificing his speed.

Mosley asked Roach why they can’t fight him at 147 lb just like Dela Hoya and the three-time Trainer of the Year simply said Mosley is not Dela Hoya.

Mosley is coming off a big win over Antonio Margarito last January. In that fight, the fighter from Pomona, California looked like a budding superstar, showing great speed and power to win inside nine rounds.

“Iba si Mosley kay Oscar (Mosley is not Oscar),” Salud added.

Chief News Editor: Sol Jose Vanzi

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