Pacquiao tags sparring partner Marvin Cordova with a hard right.
By Abac Cordero]

LOS  ANGELES, NOVEMBER 29, 2008 (STAR)  Abac Cordero – Manny Pacquiao is much too fast for Oscar dela Hoya that boxing’s Golden Boy will get tired trying to catch him.

“Like what I said, Oscar’s going to tire after six rounds,” said Marvin “Much Too Much” Cordova, one of Pacquaio’s sparring partners.

The 5-foot-9 Cordova, 156 pounds and undefeated in 20 fights with 11 knockouts, sparred four rounds with Pacquiao at the Wild Card Gym Thursday.

Then as he cooled off after banging bodies with the Pinoy megastar, he talked about Pacquiao’s chances against Dela Hoya.

He said Pacquiao has what it takes to win.

“He’s ready. Oscar has got to be ready because Manny’s coming after him baby,” he said the resident of Rocky Ford, Colorado.

“His speed is going to give Oscar a lot of problems. He’s coming up (in weight) and Oscar is losing the weight,” Cordova said.

He believes that Pacquiao will bring the fight to Dela Hoya in the first six rounds, and when the latter tires, the former will go for it.

His punching power is impressive and his left hand, body shots are looking real strong.

“Once he gets Oscar with those punches it’ll be real good. Will it last the distance? Nah. Like what I said Oscar will tire after six rounds.

“Then Manny will put it on him in the eighth and ninth round and knock him off. Oscar’s got the jab but Manny will counter him with his right hook.”

Cordova thinks that Dela Hoya is a one-handed fighter who has to worry about Pacquiao’s left and right all throughout the match.

“Manny’s an animal on ring,” he concluded.

Rashad Holloway, the other sparring partner, is confident of a Pacquiao victory but said Dela Hoya being knocked out is not that easy.

“Can he hurt Oscar? Definitely, but to knock Oscar out is kind of hard. Oscar’s a veteran and been hit by big guys and is pretty tough,” he said.

“I think Manny can hurt Oscar and if he sticks to the game plan and stays on three minutes of every round then we may see a stoppage.

“But honestly I think he can beat the mess out of Oscar for 12 rounds as long as he sticks to the game plan,” he said.

Holloway, standing close to six feet, has been with Pacquiao since Day One of this camp, and was quite surprised with everything he’d seen.

“Have you looked at his legs?” he asked, referring to Pacquiao’s pair of calves that can carry a 300-pounder.

“He’s got some big, strong legs and that’s where he generates his power. He’s very explosive. I kind of underestimated him in the beginning,” he said.

Chief News Editor: Sol Jose Vanzi

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