MANILA, JULY 14, 2008
(STAR) The green light is on for Manny Pacquiao as flag-bearer of the Philippine contingent to next month’s Beijing Olympics.

But for those planning to tag along, anyone among Pacquiao’s horde of relatives and friends, it won’t be that easy.

Moying Martelino, who heads the secretariat of the RP Team to Beijing, said it’s no longer possible to get additional accreditation other than that for Pacquiao.

“Due to lack of material time it’s impossible. So those who wish to join Pacquiao in the trip will have to do things by themselves. It’s no longer our responsibility,” he said.

“We can not process any papers for them.”

Philippine Olympic Committee officials, including Martelino and his staff, moved heaven and earth to have Pacquiao accredited as official member of the RP Team.

But now that Pacquiao has been given the green light by the Chinese organizers, the door has been totally shut.

“All Pacquiao needs is a Chinese visa. Then he goes to China and gets his accreditation there. There’s no more time for the documents to be sent here,” Martelino said yesterday.

Wherever he is, Pacquiao moves around with a huge entourage made up of family members, business partners, friends, bodyguards and just anybody else hanging around.

That will have to change while he’s in China. There he’ll be surrounded by sports officials, fellow athletes, his fans and the media.

But in fairness to Pacquiao, Martelino added, there’s been no request so far from the boxer’s camp regarding additional accreditation.

“There’s just nothing more for us to give,” the sports official said. – Abac Corder

Malignaggi angry, wants Pacman, too By Abac Cordero Monday, July 14, 2008

Add Paul Malignaggi to the growing list of boxers hoping and dreaming of a mega-buck fight with Manny Pacquiao.

The reigning IBF light-welterweight champion from Brooklyn has expressed his desire to take on the Filipino superstar right after he “beats” Ricky Hatton in their scheduled bout in November.

Malignaggi, also known as the “Magic Man,” told James Slater of yesterday that he resents the fact that Pacquiao, this early, is already looking forward to a fight with Hatton.

“I am really angry at the complete lack of respect Manny Pacquiao has been giving me. I mean, he’s been talking about fighting Hatton next when Hatton hasn’t even got past me yet,” he said.

This, he said, gives him more reason to beat Hatton, the cyclone from Manchester, in their Nov. 22 showdown in Las Vegas for the American’s 140 lb title.

“I’ve worked very hard to get where I can in my career and for Pacquiao to completely take that away from me by disrespecting me – that makes me really want to punish him after I beat Hatton,” he added.

After beating Pacquiao, Malignaggi said he would give Hatton a rematch.

Malignaggi is hoping for these things to happen before he moves up to a notch higher and face Miguel Cotto at 147 lbs, and hopefully avenge a loss, by decision, to the Puerto Rican in June of 2006.

But he said he should get past Hatton first. And he’s confident of making it.

“It will definitely be the performance of my career. I mean, if I stop him I’d be happy to take a points win. I’ve wanted this fight for so long, to prove myself as the very best at 140 pounds,” he said.

Pacquiao, who made a smashing debut at 135 lbs by knocking out David Diaz in Las Vegas weeks ago, was just as eager to move up in weight once more to face Hatton – in London if needed.

Chief News Editor: Sol Jose Vanzi

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