(STAR) By Abac Cordero - Manny Pacquiao has sent one of his sparring partners packing, and plans to do the same to Juan Manuel Marquez when they lock horns on March 15 in Las Vegas.

Hes been very tough on his sparring partners. One got hit on the chin, went down, continued but went home the next day, said Freddie Roach without mentioning a name.

Marquez might suffer the same fate.

I have a lot of power. In my heart I dont believe Marquez can stand up to my power, Top Rank publicist Fred Sternburg quoted the Pinoy superstar as saying Wednesday.

It will be too much for him to overcome, added Pacquiao, who was mobbed by his fans during an open workout at the Titanium Training Center in San Francisco.

Pacquiao was so elated with the warm welcome in California that he said he wants to stage a fight there.

I want to fight in San Francisco. It thrills me that so many people are here. Im going to ask Mr. (Bob) Arum (his promoter) to do a fight in San Francisco, he said.

But that wont happen soon as Pacquiao is lined up for a June 21 fight with WBC lightweight champion David Diaz in Macau, and probably against Ricky Hatton by November.

Roach, in an e-mail message from Sternburg, said Pacquiao did floor one of his sparring partners recently.

There are five boxers alternating as Pacquiaos sparring partners. They are Daniel Cervantes, Raymond Beltran, David Rodela, Juanito Garcia and Ramon Montano.

A few others tried it out before, but didnt pass the test.

The best thing Manny did was come to the US and train. He has worked very hard. Manny is very serious about Marquez, which he should be, added Roach.

It is a difficult fight. Manny understands that. Marquez represents the last line of defense in Mannys domination of Mexican champions. We know hes prepared to go down swinging.

Pacquiao, who arrived in LA on Jan. 15 for his training, spars on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Hes now on his final week of heavy sparring, and should taper off soon.

Ive never trained harder never for a fight. Two days ago I hit the mitts with Freddie Roach for 17 straight rounds with no timeouts, he said. I dont like timeouts while training and do not use them. I am very serious about this fight as I know Marquez is the last great Mexican to beat. There is no more (Erik) Morales or (Marco Antonio) Barrera, he added.

Chief News Editor: Sol Jose Vanzi

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