(STAR) By Abac Cordero - For certain reasons, the Manny Pacquiao camp is not keen on fighting Joan Guzman who retained his WBO super-featherweight title with a unanimous decision over Humberto Soto in Atlanta City yesterday.

While Guzman of the Dominican Republic was impressive with his hand speed, the undefeated champion also known as “Little Tyson” failed to impress Pacquiao’s ring adviser, Wakee Salud.

“I think Guzman needs one more good fight before he gets to fight Manny,” said Salud.

“Yes, Guzman is quick with his hands, but another thing we’re considering is that he’s not a Mexican but a Dominican. We don’t know if fighting him would sell to the Mexican crowd,” he added.

“Baka hindi tauhin,” Salud said.

Pacquiao, who said the other day he’s considering Juan Manuel Marquez, David Diaz or the winner of the Guzman-Soto fight as his opponent on March 15, did not see yesterday’s title fight.

The 28-year-old Filipino champion was in Nueva Ecija, busy with the last shooting day of his upcoming action movie with local bombshell Ara Mina.

Pacquiao said he will name his next opponent during a meeting with Top Rank president Bob Arum in Las Vegas on Thanksgiving Day on Nov. 30.

Pacquiao will fly to the US on Tuesday evening and will head straight to the Nike Headquarters in Portland, Oregon, with his business manager Erik Pineda.

He will meet with Nike officials who have big plans for him, including an ad campaign alongside superstars Tiger Woods and Kobe Bryant. A pictorial starring the three sports figures is scheduled in Los Angeles on Nov. 24.

Pacquiao, according to Pineda, will also undergo a series of tests at the Nike Headquarters where experts are trying to create a pair of boxing shoes that would perfectly fit the Filipino icon.

“It will be at the Nike laboratory where gadgets will be attached to Manny as he boxes. They will determine the pressure points on Manny’s feet so they know how to pad the shoes,” said Pineda.

Salud said if he could have his way, he’d go for a fight with Diaz, the WBC lightweight (135 lbs) champion, instead of Marquez, the WBC super-featherweight (130 lbs) champion.

Both are Mexicans, and either fight will surely bring in the crowd, no matter where the fight is held.

“But I like Diaz better because he’s also under Top Rank like Manny. There will be less to think about when it comes to money matters because we’re talking with only one promoter, Bob Arum,” Salud added.

Chief News Editor: Sol Jose Vanzi

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