MANILA, MARCH 22, 2007
(STAR) By Emmanuel B. Villaruel The Freeman - Popular boxing scribe Michael Marley of said that Golden Boy Promotions’ chances of stopping Manny Pacquiao’s upcoming fight against lesser-known Mexican Jorge Solis are "slim and none."

In national television reports the other night, Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer told veteran ring analyst Ronnie Nathanielsz that they are seeking an injuction from a federal court in Las Vegas to halt Pacquiao’s April 14 showdown against Solis at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas.

Marley delved into this ticklish issue by presenting an excerpt from a Legal Text that states "a preliminary injunction is appropriate if the moving party demonstrates either (1) a probability of success on the merits and a possibility of irreparable injury, or (2) serious questions going to the merits and the balance of hardships tipping sharply in his favor. Chalk v. United States Dist. Ct., 840 F.2d 701, 704 (9th Cir. 1988). These are not discrete tests, but are instead "outer reaches ‘of a single continuum.’ " Id. (citations omitted).

The same legal resource material further added that "The grant or denial of a motion for a preliminary injunction lies within the discretion of the district court, and its order will be reversed only if the court relied on an erroneous legal premise or otherwise abused its discretion." Id. An "abuse of discretion" occurs if the district court misapprehends the applicable legal issues or rests its conclusions on clearly erroneous findings of fact.

Basing from that legal context, Marley believes that Golden Boy will not prosper in getting what it wants and that the Pacquiao-Solis show will definitely push through as scheduled.

"The chances are slim and none and, as the old line goes, slim is out of town. No judge is going to prevent Pacman from earning a living because of the ongoing legal dispute over his promotional rights between Oscar De La Hoya and Bob Arum. The Top Rank card will go on as scheduled April 14," Marley said.

"I don’t think GBP can show "a probability" of success on the merits because which promotional contract is valid is an issue that will, if the case keeps going, be decided by either a judge or a jury. These are factual questions and any judge now will say that he or she does not have enough indisputable information to say whether either GBP or TR is probably going to be successful in the end. As to irreparable injury, Arum’s legal team will argue that win, lose or draw in the ring, any possible damages GBP would incur are financial and thus are not irreparable," Marley added.

Marley conceded though that the news of GBP’s seeking to stop the card may hurm Arum with potential sponsors and other third parties who do not want to get dragged into the matter. "There is also a chance that GBP could get some of Top Rank’s income from the PPV show in Texas tied up but that is another slim reed," he said.

As to prong 2 of the Legal Text, Marley said "Arum and De La Hoya are multimillionaires who own large and successful promotional companies. Call the balance there a draw between the wealthy promoter (Arum) and the wealthy fighter-promoter (ODLH). This is the same ODLH who is expecting to gross about $30 million from his May 5 Superfight with Floyd Mayweather."

Marley argued that if a balancing of the hardships is done, then it is Pacquiao who has those "tipping sharply in his favor."

"Just like De La Hoya, Manny’s career is finite, limited at some point by age and physical condition. How could Oscar argue any differently?" Marley concluded.

Solis vows to shock the boxing world By Emmanuel B. Villaruel The Freeman 03/22/2007

He is undefeated in 34 ring battles - a shining credential that is packed with 23 wins by knockout and two draws. But when you talk about Mexican Jorge Solis, he is comparatively a nondescript creature in the boxing world. At any sense, his name doesn’t ring a bell.

That is something that Solis wants to change as he vows to shock the world when he challenges Filipino superstar Manny Pacquiao in a 12-round war for the WBC International super featherweight title in the main event of the "Blaze of Glory" card on April 14 at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas.

"I know people are saying Pacquiao is in for an easy fight, but I’m undefeated and I will be prepared to deliver the best performance of my career so I can get the biggest win of my career," Solis told after another hard day of training in the mountains of Mexico.

In what he considers the fight of his life, Solis underwent a high-altitude training for the first time in his eight-year pro career conginizing that hard training is one of the key elements in winning fights.

"This fight is very special, very important and we felt we need to get stronger and be in superb condition to win it," said Solis.

"I never really stop training. I keep in good shape in between fights, but for this fight I have being training with high intensity for four weeks now with the last weeks here in the mountains," added the Guadelajara, Mexico fighter.

Solis admitted though that it’s going to be a tough fight out there against the world’s most ferocious and most exciting pound-for-pound warrior today.

"I don’t expect an easy fight against Pacquiao. He is very strong and fights at a very fast pace. That’s why we have being working on my strength and conditioning so much for this fight, we want to be strong for the whole 12 rounds," said Solis.

When asked about Pacquiao’s victories over Mexican opponents, Solis answered: "I know everyone thinks that all Mexicans fight alike, but we don’t. We all have different styles and personalities and all of that shows in the way we fight in the ring."

"I know my boxing skills are going to be the key to my victory. I don’t expected this to be easy but this is my opportunity to break in the big time. I am very motivated to make a splash and shock the world," forewarned the Mexican.

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