NOVEMBER 19, 2006
(STAR) By Abac Cordero - Floyd Mayweather Sr., arguably the best trainer there is today, didnít find anything special about Erik Morales in Fridayís official weigh-in.

In fact, the flamboyant father and trainer of reigning WBC welterweight champion Floyd Jr., didnít like what he saw.

"To me, what I saw up there was an anorexic. Thatís what I saw, an anorexic. I saw skin and bones," said Floyd Sr. after watching Morales tip the scales at 129, just a pound under the limit.

Anorexia is seen on people who are obsessed with being thin. They try to lose a lot of weight, and are terrified of gaining weight. They believe that they are fat even though they are very thin.

Morales lost so much weight in the four months leading to the fight, and him making it meant that he didnít have to pay Manny Pacquiao the fine of $.5 million per pound.

Morales was only in boxers shorts when weighed. He looked so thin that some people who came to witness the weigh-in almost watched in disbelief.

Floyd Sr., also the trainer of Oscar "Golden Boy" Dela Hoya, was one of them.

"I donít have anything against Erik, but thatís how it looked to me. On the other hand, Pacquiao looked physically fit, strong and cut," he said.

Despite all, Morales and his camp claimed that heís in the best shape possible, in his bid to avenge the worst loss of his career, a 10th round KO to Pacquiao last January here in Vegas.

"For him to do what he says heís going to do itís going to be a miracle," said Floyd Sr. who went as far as saying that Morales is going down.

"Once a guy stops you, it does something to the fighter. And they know what the opponent did to stop them the last time, and itís going to haunt them. Iím going to say that heís going before the 10th round," he said.

Pundit wonders how Morales can recover The Philippine Star 11/19/2006

LAS VEGAS ó Now that the question about Erik Morales making weight has been answered, here comes a bigger one: Does he have enough time to recover his strength?

Rafael Mendoza, a Mexican boxing figure whoís handled 18 different champions the past few decades, canít seem to provide the perfect answer.

"I donít know how he can recover his strength from the four heinous months of having to lose weight," Mendoza told Pinoy scribes during Fridayís official weigh-in.

"We will all find out after five rounds. In the beginning there will be no problem because theyíre both fresh. But after five rounds Erik will see whether he has recovered or not," he said.

"We will all know by tomorrow. If by the sixth round Erik feels that he has recovered then it will be a dangerous fight for Pacquiao. But Pacquiao is so quick. Nobody is faster than him pound for pound. Not even (Floyd) Mayweather," he added.

Asked what Morales should do or should have done immediately after the weigh-in, Mendoza said Morales should rest, rest and rest.

"Donít make any effort. Eat. If he was my fighter Iíd put him to bed right now Ė until tomorrow," Mendoza said. ó Abac Cordero

Chief News Editor: Sol Jose Vanzi

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