MANILA, July 3, 2006 (STAR) By Abac Cordero - If Oscar Larios is hoping for an immediate rematch against Manny Pacquiao, chances are heís not going to get it.

Shelly Finkel, Pacquiaoís American manager, said his wardís Nov. 18 rubber match with former world champion Erik Morales of Mexico is virtually cast in stone.

But Lariosí agent, Rafael Mendoza, said he seriously doubts if the third and deciding match between the two great super featherweights would ever push through.

Mendoza, a former sportswriter, said it would be very difficult for Morales to face Pacquiao at 130 lbs as stipulated in their fight contract.

"I can assure you one hundred percent he cannot make it at 130 pounds ever again. Youíve got to cut his two legs for him to make it," said Mendoza.

"Morales will have to kill himself to make 130. If he does, he might even die (facing Pacquiao)," he added, hinting that Larios would be a better opponent for Pacquiao.

Pacquiao and Morales have already faced twice at 130 lbs. The Mexican won the first one in March 2005 but Pacquiao came back with a 10th round knockout last January.

During an earlier interview, Mendoza said the second fight was over before it began.

"Erik Morales was dead before he went up the ring. He already killed himself making the weight," said Mendoza, who believes that itís time for Morales to climb to 135.

Whatever, Finkel said itís on for the third Pacquiao-Morales fight in Las Vegas. He said Bob Arum of Top Rank, who is Moralesí promoter, is making sure that it takes place.

"Mr. Arum has put up a huge amount that will go to Manny in case Morales goes over the weight. And Pacquiao wonít have to face Morales if that happens," said Finkel.

"Bob Arum wouldnít put up that (unspecified) amount if he knew he would lose it," Finkel said.

When Pacquiao and Morales fought last January, it was stated in the contract that any fighter who goes over the limit would be charged $250,000 per pound. They both made it.

Like Finkel, Pacquiao doubted an immediate rematch with the 29-year-old Larios.

"Does he want a rematch? I donít think so. You all saw how the fight went. Iím scheduled to face Morales in November. That will be my next fight," said Pacquiao.

Larios deviated from fight plan, says agent By Nelson Beltran The Philippine Star 07/03/2006

Oscar "Chololo" Larios got excited in the middle rounds going for a kill and paid dearly for it.

The Mexican camp was convinced Larios could pull off a stoppage after a smoking third round onslaught against Manny Pacquiao but ended up the beaten fighter as he deviated from his fight plan later.

"After the third round, Chololo didnít do what heís supposed to do. He fought the wrong fight. He started not following instruction. The problem set in as he thought he could knock Pacquiao out," said Rafael Mendoza, the Mexican fighterís promoter-agent.

Jarring Pacquiao with crisp combinations in the third, Larios pressed his attack in the succeeding rounds, and this proved to be his biggest mistake.

"I thought Manny would get tired after six rounds. I was wrong. Pacquiao was quick and strong up to the finish. He beat me with his speed," said Larios through an interpreter.

Though claiming he was not hurt at all even as he sustained a nasty cut on left brow, the Guadalajara warrior admitted he lost to a great fighter.

Larios said Pacquiao is a great man atop and outside the ring.

But Larios also proved himself to be a good fighter, putting up a class act and drawing the admiration of the local fight fans.

The crowd gave Larios a warm applause as, riding on the back of one supporter, he kissed and waved his hands before the announcement of the judgesí verdict.

"Salamat Pacquiao, salamat Pilipinas," hollered Larios before descending the ring. Then, he drew another applause from the crowd.

The Mexicans believed Lariosí gallant stand against Pacquiao could become a key for more mega-buck fights in the future, including a possible rematch with the sensational Filipino pug.

"You saw the fight. HBO people know this is a good rematch and itís up to them. Eric Morales and Marco Antonio Barrera will not come to Manila. This man did and put up a good fight," said Mendoza.

Mendoza said his ward did better than both Morales and Barrera against Pacquiao. He said Barrera lasted only 10 rounds, Morales 11 and Larios the full distance against the Pinoy pride.

"Before the fight, people were saying Iím going to the lionís den and gonna be eaten alive. I proved to them Iím not easy to be beaten," said Larios.

Pacquiao, however, wasnít impressed that he immediately ruled out a rematch with Larios.

Chief News Editor: Sol Jose Vanzi

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