ATHENS (VIA  GLOBE  TELECOM),  August 27, 2004  (STAR) By Lito A. Tacujan - Filipino jin Tshomlee Go took a heartbreaking defeat in a thriller of a match against former world champion Juan Ramos of Spain, 6-7, and bowed out of contention at the Faliro Sports Pavillion Thursday.

It was a shocking loss for the former World Cup silver medallist who carried the fight for most of the encounter but succumbed to a short kick to the side armor in the last 10 seconds.

The 23-year-old Go, handled in the match by Korean coach Tae Hyun Kim, later lost the chance to take a crack at the bronze as Ramos absorbed a 9-1 loss to world champion Chu Mu Yen of Chinese-Taipei in the afternoon quarterfinal round.

"We can’t understand how he lost, he carried the fight, he was the aggressor and yet he kept on getting warnings from the referee. Siya ang umaatake (He was the one attacking)," said national coach Jesus Morales III.

Exploiting his edge in height, the 5-foot-9 Go kept the small Spanish fighter at bay with a lot of bullet and rapid kicks and at one instance held a two-point edge which quickly vanished as Ramos countered with short side kicks that seemed to glance off Go’s armor for a 5-all count in the second round.

Torrid exchanges right in the first 10 seconds of the final round kept the count tied at 6-all and another exchange made it a 7-all in the last minute. The two geared up for a final attack, looking for an opening as the seconds ticked away until Ramos unleashed a short kick to steal the win in the last 10 seconds, 8-7, and 7-6 point decision after both had penalty point each.

"Tshomlee performed well and lost it on his rival’s 45 kick," said Morales.

It was a bitter setback that further diminished the Philippines’ hopes for a gold medal in the Athens Games now on its final three days although two more jins — Donald Geisler and Maria Antoinette Rivero — are going up Saturday in make-or-break bids for a podium finish. (See related story below)

The Filipino’s defeat was also a repeat of the close 4-5 decision the tough Go absorbed at the hands of Ramos in the world taekwondo qualifier in Paris last year. He later ended his stint as the former finweight world champion was ousted by Chu, 9-1, in the quarterfinals. Chu scored a first round knockout over Libya‘s Ezedin Salem.

The Taiwanese ace will meet Tamer Bayoumi after the Egyptian smothered host Greece’s hopes for gold with an 8-2 victory over Michalis Mouroutsous in the quarterfinals.

Go led at 3-2 in the first round but the 29-year-old Spaniard tied it at 5-all, as the Filipino endured an injured right knee. The two fought it out in the third canto with Go delivering two points on defensive kicks and Ramos scoring three on two offensive and one defensive kicks for the win.

Reported by: Sol Jose Vanzi

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