TAIPEI, July 13, 2004
 Francisco "Django " Bustamante, reaching peak form, scored two more victories yesterday to complete a sweep of his first five games and formalize his stint in the tournament proper of the rich World Pool Championship at Taipei World Trade Center here Monday.

The power-breaking Bustamante, winners of countless tournaments around the globe but still a big bust in the sportís biggest event for years, trampled Sloveniaís Marco Barcarcic, 5-2, then clobbered American Steve Lillis, 5-0, to notch his 10th point in Group 7 of the 16-group field.

That formalizes Bustamanteís stint in the Last 64, a knockout phase among the survivors of the gruelling eliminations that had seen the rise and fall of a number of unfancied and top-rated cue artists.

Having assured himself of a spot in the Last 64, Bustamante hardly exerted any effort against compatriot Antonio Gabica, who went on to fashion out a 5-2 victory over the world No. 1, his third in five games for six points and good for third place with two games left.

In other fronts, Warren Kiamco snatched his third 5-4 victory in four games, this time over Jimmy Henry of New Zealand as he shared the Group 10 lead with former world champion Chao Fong-Pang of Taiwan with eight points.

Rodolfo Luat, on the other hand, absorbed stinging back-to-back losses after streaking to three straight victories, losing to Alan Tan of Malaysia, 4-5, and German ace Ralf Souquet, 2-5. With six points, Luat is tied with Steve Davis, two points behind Souquet, who fought back from an opening game loss to lead the group with eight points.

Antonio Lining pulled off a big upset over Johnny Archer, 5-2, for his third victory in five games as he stayed in the hunt for one of the berths in Group 5 with six points. Archer continued to lead the group with eight points.

Gandy Valle also scored his sixth point in five games, beating Spainís Gabriel Carral in Group 13 while former champion Efren "Bata" Reyes and Dennis Orcullo shared the Group 2 lead with Tony Drago of Malta with identical six points with two games on tap late last night. ó Dante Navarro

Reported by: Sol Jose Vanzi

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