MANILA, AUGUST 4, 2013 (PHILSTAR) (The Philippine Star) Anywhere you look, there are gyms, fitness centers, yoga parlors, among countless other establishments, that promote physical movement and active lifestyle.

People are now more conscious of keeping fit and staying within their ideal weight.

Part of staying healthy is, of course, diet. Quick to adapt every diet fad that comes their way Ė South Beach, Atkinís and Mediterranean Ė they wonít mind spending a little bit extra for organic and healthier options.

One food option that they can integrate into their diet is probably something that they have loved while growing up and is readily available on the dining table or the cupboard: Lilyís Peanut Butter.

Yes, the iconic local brand that has delighted the palate of generations of Filipinos can fit into a spread of tasty, organic and healthy food sources.

Lilyís Peanut Butter is the only brand in the market that only has two main ingredients: high-quality peanuts and sugar wash. Thatís it. No extenders, no preservatives, no artificial flavoring and coloring.

This means that one can slather the spread lavishly on bread or use it as an ingredient in a main course (kare-kare, perhaps?) or in sumptuous desserts like peanut butter cookies or homemade ice cream. Widely available in supermarkets nationwide, Lilyís Peanut Butter wonít look out of place in an organic store.

Because of its purity and consistency, one can make the most out of the health benefits of Lilyís Peanut Butter. For one, itís loaded with protein, one of the major building blocks of food (alongside carbohydrates and fat) responsible for the building and repairing of muscles.

Two tablespoons of Lilyís Peanut Butter can contain as much as seven grams of protein. Thatís good news for gym buffs who need to have a boost of protein after their workout. Vegetarians, who have sworn off protein from animals, can also indulge on Lilyís Peanut Butter without the guilt.

Those who are trying to lose weight can rely on the energy-giving calories of Lilyís Peanut Butter. Aside from protein, it also has deitic fiber that makes one feel less full but still be energized for the day.

As a bonus, it even has ďtrytophan,Ē a kind of amino acid that encourages the production of the happy hormone serotonin which improves mood and combats depression.

For those taking care of their hearts, Lilyís Peanut Butter is a worthy ally. In the absence of hydrogenated oil (trans fat) blamed for clogging arteries, it has monosaturated fat, the kind of fat championed by Mediterranean diet for being heart-friendly. Oleic acid, its main component, is found to lower the risk of heart disease and even Type 2 diabetes.

Students and professionals who need sustained brain power can count on Lilyís Peanut Butter for its vitamin B complex. Its niacin component is long known to boost brain function, increase memory power and recently, is shown to reduce risk from developing Alzheimerís disease.

Pregnant women who have supplemented their diet with foliate, another form of vitamin B, are found to have reduced the neural defect in their newborn to as much as 70 percent. Now, thatís good news for mothers.

With all of these benefits, itís interesting to know that Lilyís Peanut Butter has even more to offer: P-coumaric and resveratrol that fight certain cancers; manganese that helps in the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates, the absorption of calcium and the regulation of blood sugar; and even trace amount of copper does the double duty of lowering bad cholesterols while increasing the good ones.

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Chief News Editor: Sol Jose Vanzi
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