Actress and TV host Kris Aquino and sons Joshua and Bimby arrive at the NAIA Terminal 1 for their flight to Paris yesterday. RUDY SANTOS

MANILA, MARCH 25, 2013 (PHILSTAR) By Aurea Calica - Hackers yesterday defaced the official website of Kris Aquino, whose tiff with former husband, basketball player James Yap, hogged headlines recently.

The website, krisaquino.net, was no longer accessible as of late afternoon. A group of hackers identifying themselves as “Anonymous” had inserted messages like: “I heard you po!!!” and a blog entry titled “Churva Cheness Eklavu” on the website’s main page.

Some advertisements showing Kris’ face with products and brands she was endorsing were also marked and defaced.

“Anonymous” had previously attacked government websites at the height of the Sabah standoff and the suicide of a UP student. They also penetrated Chinese and Philippine websites over the West Philippine Sea dispute between Beijing and Manila.

Kris and her children Joshua and Bimby meanwhile left yesterday for a vacation in Paris, as planned.

Kris and her sons, as well as a nanny and security left on board Emirates flight EK-333 that took off at 5:35 p.m. at Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 1.

She refused to hold a press conference with print journalists but allowed a brief interview by two television networks at the NAIA dignitaries lounge.

Earlier, Kris announced over national television that she would be quitting all her shows for the sake of her children. She made the announcement after Yap asked the court to issue a hold departure order against her and their son.

In a statement released yesterday, Bong Osorio, head of ABS-CBN integrated corporate communications, said upon her return Kris would fulfill her commitments to her soap “Kailangan Ko’y Ikaw,” which is nearing its end, and would have to stay as judge in “Pilipinas Got Talent” until the season wraps up in June.

“Being a foreign franchise there are commitments we have to fulfill and rules we need to abide,” Osorio said, adding the TV host had taped advanced episodes in anticipation of her long planned vacation.

“Ms. Kris and ABS-CBN management are also scheduled to meet upon her return to Manila. Meanwhile, we wish Kris and her sons a peaceful and restful vacation. We respect her need for privacy at this difficult time,” the statement said.

Malacañang refused to comment on the controversy involving the President’s celebrity sister who had sought and was granted a temporary protection order by a Makati court against her ex-husband.

Deputy presidential spokesperson Abigail Valte said they could not avoid being asked about it.

“But I don’t want to comment on that. Primarily, that’s a private family matter between the President and the members of his family,” she said.

Valte also did not want to say how the President reacted to the issue amid allegations that it was being used to divert public attention from more important national concerns. – With Rudy Santos

Netizens divided March 23, 2013 | 9:24 pm

The meltdown that everyone, rightly or wrongly, is still talking about, has divided Netizens. Parts of some comments posted on INQUIRER.net on Friday:

Team Kris

bryanbrian kulit twit: It’s judgmental society that wants to make individuals like Kris what they want her to be. Kris should stand her ground and be the best person she can be. No matter what we do, people will always have something to say.

Sinner saved by grace: You can call Kris Aquino many things but never a liar. Can you say that about James and Atty. Kapunan? Did James deserve what he got from Kris? Kumusta naman si Hope?

boybakal: I believe and support Kris, as her sisters are doing. I can see their honesty and sincerity. They have good breeding.

Kris may not have been a good wife or partner but she is a great mom. She is just a victim of opportunists.

Let’s be kind to Kris by supporting her. She deserves a chance not just for herself and her family but mostly for her children. She is both father and mother to them.

away walk: Aside from the visits, does James contribute to anything to raising his son? Does he give money for food, clothing, shelter, entertainment, medical bills, etc.?

How does he want his son to remember him? As the father who had an affair while his mom was pregnant?

That he didn’t sign a prenup because he was smart enough to think that, should they ever separate, he would be on the winning side of the picture?

If I were Kris, I wouldn’t teach my son to hate his father or be disrespectful to him. But I would tell him the truth so he would hopefully grow up a better person.

Joy Lynn MNLFoodcritic: Between Kris the dakdakera and James the philanderer and ultimate oportunista, Kris may be annoying and tactless sometimes but I think she’s telling the truth.

On the other hand, si James … sanay na tayo sa pagka-man of few words niya but I’m sure he was well-coached by Kapunan on what to say on TV, at ang paiyak-iyak effect para sa female fans.

Team James

EdgarEdgar: James Yap is a man of few words, barely articulate on and off the court. But when he shed a few poignant tears over his current plight, a sympathetic nation sympathized with him. That’s because we all know what oppression looks like when we see it.

The Cojuangco-Aquino sisters certainly [showed us] when they showed up for the TV interview in full force and well-prepared. [And] Kris Aquino’s high-powered attorney Frank Chavez, was once solicitor general.

If the live interview on national TV was supposed to be candid, Ballsy Aquino-Cruz ruined it by speaking like a well-prepped legal aide when she downplayed the perpetual nature of the court order.

It was the same Ballsy Aquino-Cruz who had the political savvy to organize and host a social lunch back in 2010 to intimidate Corona to resign.

If Kris Aquino truly cares about the emotional well-being of Joshua and Bimby, then she should be worried about the absence of a father figure in their lives.

After all, [she] grew up without one. And if she is intent in shunning publicity and returning to private life, she should pull out all her TV ads.

Money never was and never will be a problem for the Aquino-Cojuangco clan. So let us not be misled into believing that quitting show biz is a big sacrifice for Kris Aquino.

fuctore: Kris Aquino is the “Drama Queen” of tabloid newscasts. Her wailing and hysteria over [an imagined] domestic abuse were overrated.

Kris declared prior to Election 2010 that she would quit show business if PNoy won as President. Look at her now … still crying wolf.

Philcruz: I pity Kris’ sisters, who were dragged into the mess because of her problems. They have always lived low-profile lives.

Who courted whom in this unfortunate partnership? If I recall right, it was Kris who went to see James’ parents in Negros to ask for James’ hand in marriage.

Who selected the (unauthorized) solemnizing officer for the wedding ceremony, thus making Bimby an illegitimate child … and turning this affair into another Kris Crisis? Giving up show biz? That would be like fish stepping out of water.

quirinomayer: Only silly housewives will miss this intelligent woman whose life has been dictated and directed by her baser instincts.

As an Aquino-Cojuangco, she had all the chance to marry properly and do justice to her name, like her sisters have done. Instead, she chose … relationships [that] shamed her family instead. Now she has the nerve to complain.

High tech and high touch BUSINESS MATTERS(BEYOND THE BOTTOM LINE) By Francis J. Kong (The Philippine Star) | Updated March 24, 2013 - 12:00am


“I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.”

Guess who said these words? No less than Time magazine’s Man of the Century Albert Einstein.

I’m afraid that day has come, and it has just begun.

How many of us feel anxious, edgy and nervous when we leave the house and forget to bring our smart phones with us? Don’t we go back to the house just to get it? As for the more affluent, don’t they send their drivers back to the house just to get the phone? I feel the same way when I walk into an establishment, and they tell me they don’t have any WiFi connection!

You and I are being ruled over by technology. We’re now living in the “Always On” civilization.

A recent study of 200 students in Stanford University reveals that 34 percent rated themselves as addicted to their phones, while 32 percent worry that they would someday be addicted. You might be saying, “No, I’m not addicted to technology.”

Really? Be honest with me now and tell me: How many times do you check your phone throughout the day? How many text messages do you receive every day? How many do you send out? Have you never experienced that sick, uneasy feeling when you’ve discovered (to your horror) that you haven’t received any text message or call, or that no one has written down anything in your Facebook wall, since you last checked some 20 minutes ago?

Not convinced yet that you’re addicted? Here’s another question: where do you keep your cell phone at night when you go to bed? On your night stand, within an arm’s reach, where a book used to be its occupant? You need the phone as your alarm clock, you rationalize. Granted. But notice, after six to eight hours of network deprivation called “sleep,” you wake up and are more likely to reach out for your cell phone (or laptop) than to attend to your morning biological urges.

Look at the line behind counters. What are people doing? They’re texting or calling or just staring on their cell phone screen. Go to any fine-dining restaurant. What are people doing? They’re seated across each other, texting or calling or just staring on their cell phone screen. Look at office meetings.

What are people doing? While someone is doing a presentation, many others are peering down at their lighted cell phone screen. Phones aren’t just for making calls or sending out messages anymore; they’re now used to kill time and so much more. One of which – and this is a phenomenon old-generation people like me can’t quite understand – is to take pictures of the food people are about to eat. It used to be that people pray before they eat; now people take pictures first before they eat!

My latest book, Famealy Matters, a collaborative work with Monde Nissin, in their advocacy of spending family dinner time daily, features 50 stories of leaders and achievers on the valuable lessons they learned around the dining table with their family. Last March 16, the book received an Anvil Award for Excellence; Monde Nissin’s advocacy also received a similar award. One of the best take-aways of the book is imposing a certain rule during family dinners.

The rule contains just two words: No Gadgets! After all, dinner time isn’t just for eating, but also for engaging family members in meaningful conversations. Dinner time becomes communion time when ideas are exchanged, and bonds are made over food and drinks in the most affectionate way.

Yes, this is a high-tech world we live in, but we should never forego “high touch” especially with our family. Face time is always more important than screen time.

We use technology, and we should never allow technology to use us.

(Develop your leadership skills and spend two whole days with Francis Kong, as he facilitates the well-acclaimed Dr. John C. Maxwell Program “Developing The Leader Within You” on April 25-26 at the EDSA Shangri-La Hotel. For further inquiries, contact Lylee at 09175482876, or call 632-6310912 for details.)

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