MUNTINLUPA CITY, NOVEMBER 18, 2011 (CATHOLIC NEWS) Bishop Patricio Buzon (photo at left) asks the NYD delegates during the 1st session yesterday at the Miraculous Medal National Shrine festival site. (Courtesy: Bishop Buzon discussed the first part of the NYD theme, “PLANTED” where he talked about the BASIC steps to become a saint.

The bishop emphasized that the Social Networking portal is like the Eucharist.

“For us to easily remember about it, I will put it in this way: Log In, celebrate the Eucharist every Sunday. It is like a portal where we, not only God only let God enter our hearts and lives but us, entering and exploring God’s infinite goodness”, explained Buzon.

Buzon continued, “another is Post, keep HIM updated. Pray and thank Him every day, especially when you wake up in the morning and before you sleep at night. Faith is a relationship with God. Keep your connection alive!”

Buzon also encouraged the youth to use their account properly and advised to follow the 10 commandments.

“And lastly, Will it or Want it. You, the Youth are hungry to become ‘saints’. You or we hunger for God and without that ‘willpower’ to be a saint, it won’t just happen”, added Buzon.

“Login, Update, Use your account properly, and WILL IT”, he lastly said.

Bishop Patricio Buzon was the one who graced the closing mass to end the day’s session.

You must be faithful in your relationship

“Are you still faithful in your relationship?” This was the question of Bishop Patricio Abella Buzon asked during his homily.

Bishop Buzon stressed that “Faith is love with trust”.

“Faith is not just ‘believing’, but having a personal relationship with God. It is loving only one God, through all the years of your life with all your heart, mind, strength, and soul. And it is trusting God that he will never let anyone harm you, and you trusting him to know that he loves you so much”, said Buzon

Buzon added that there is a magic formula on how to have faith.

He shared that Love + Trust is equals Faith.

Miraculous Medal Shrine festival site hosts 556 delegates. (Jandel Posion with reports from Ira Yu and Karina Tovera)


Christ respects freedom—bishop told youth Hits: 63 Category: YP Feature

MAKATI City, Nov. 15, 2011- With an audience of 3,300 young people from all over the country, the Bishop-Chairman of the CBCP Episcopal Commission on Youth and Legazpi Bishop Joel Baylon stressed that Christ respects freedom.

(Bishop Joel Baylon during his homily. Photo Courtesy: NYD Docu Team)

“In this world, no material thing is free anymore. The only thing free now is the air we breathe and our FREEdom”, said Bishop Baylon.

According also to the bishop, Christ was the one who gaved freedom as a gift and respects the way we use it.

The bishop continued, “He gave us the freedom to choose and to decide for ourselves, to know what is right from wrong. He wants us to learn and so Christ respects our decision on what to do with the gifts that He gaved”.

Baylon added that the most important thing is ‘love’, together with the power of choice and freedom. He also reminded the young people to follow Christ and meet Him in daily living.

Bishop Baylon graced the opening mass yesterday for the celebration of the National Youth Day.

NYD opening took place in Don Bosco Technical Institute, Makati, yesterday. (Ira Yu/Karina Tovera)

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