(STAR) The season of gift-giving has shoppers slowly filling bazaars and malls by the thousands. But for those who are digitally savvy, the convenience of online shopping has been saving them effort, money, and time.

Bargain hunters are sure to troop to tiangges that proliferate during the Christmas season. But as the Christmas crowds make these bargain bazaars more difficult to get to, shopping online is becoming more and more an attractive alternative.

That’s why any serious Christmas shopper should not miss going online to check out PLDT-SME Nation’s SUKI ( It offers both convenience and product variety that savvy shoppers are looking for.

SUKI is an online buyer’s haven for local gift selections. The site features a variety of online stores that offer anything from accessories and fashion apparel to basic home decors and wholesale products.

Navigating for the perfect Christmas gift is made easy as the pool of online stores is already segregated by categories providing a vast catalog of select merchandise. All a consumer has to do is pick from the collection of registered users.

There is always a category designed to cater to any Christmas shopper’s delight. With whatever one wishes to find, there’s a particular online shop waiting for him or her at SUKI.

“Since the launch of the SUKI site, many small and medium enterprises (SMEs) have registered and started showcasing their products. The database of registered businesses is very diverse and can surely cater to the needs of Christmas shoppers,” says PLDT-SME Nation vice president and head Kat Luna-Abelarde.

For the fashionistas, the wide array of fashion stores are filled with endless racks of designer dresses and spunky accessories, while the boys at heart have a selection of the latest gadgets and shiny toys for affordable prices.

Moms will also enjoy browsing through the home furnishing and produce sections, while dads will have a fill of going through the automobile components and accessories pool.

For consumers, SUKI makes it easy to browse for merchandise and look for the best prices among the online stores. Meanwhile, online storeowners are able to showcase their products more freely and target a more diverse market range in their online community.

Business-To-Business Deals

Storeowners can become potential customers as well in the SUKI online community since business-to-business deals are also possible. And while SUKI is perfectly suited to marketing someone’s business, it also incorporates the basic features of an online networking site like blogging, event shoutouts, forums, and networking, among others.

Soon, SUKI will be able to allow payments online. So apart from being a showcase of the best products at the best prices, the site will become a real store in cyberspace, where financial transactions are possible.

SUKI, by the way, also allows customers to check the history of transactions made by previous customers to assess the reliability of an online store. Other online reports that would prove useful for owners and customers alike include Best Sellers, Highest Rated Product, and Sales Performance, among others.

The SUKI website is also filled with catalogs of online store products and price comparisons, making Christmas shopping a breeze.

“Shoppers nowadays are very particular when it comes to spending their hard-earned cash, so it’s important that they are provided with the best of the best in their selection process. Shopping sprees can get shoppers way off track in their list, so it’s best that they shop online at the comforts of their homes so they can focus on what they really need to buy,” says PLDT-SME Nation marketing head Amil Azurin.

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Chief News Editor: Sol Jose Vanzi

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