[PHOTO AT LEFT - A Herbcare Corp. worker monitors the blood pressure of an elderly. MANILA, Philippines]

MANILA, AUGUST 14, 2009 (PHILIPPINE STAR) If you think this is lip service then it is time for you to take on the Charantia 30-Day Challenge.

This month-long activity shows and guides diabetics how they can possibly improve the quality of their life via a healthy lifestyle supplemented with Charantia.

The Charantia 30-Day Challenge puts the participants under a healthy lifestyle regimen for 30 days, consisting of a regular exercise routine and a low-fat, high-fiber diet supplemented by Charantia tea or capsules after every meal.

The program regularly monitors the participants’ blood sugar level so they can see and appreciate the improvements.

Many diabetics have already risen to the challenge. Antonio Ramos, a 40-year-old type-2 diabetic, shares his experience: “I’ve heard about Charantia, but it was only when a friend introduced me to this challenge that I started drinking the tea.”

“At first I was hesitant, but after just a week, I noticed that my sugar dropped from 305 ml/dl to just 196 ml/dl. Then I became excited so I went on to complete the 30 days,” he recounts.

At the end of the 30-day challenge, Ramos’ blood sugar level dipped further to 131 ml/dl. “The best defense against diabetes is a healthy lifestyle,” says Daniel Abe­larde, president of Herbcare Corp., maker of Charantia Ampalaya Supplements.

“Regular exercise and a healthy diet are critical to controlling blood sugar. Being made of 100 percent ampalaya which is clinically proven to lower blood sugar, Charantia is a good supplement to help diabetics stay healthy naturally,” he adds.

Early this year, the Charantia 30-Day Challenge made a positive impact on the lives of various type-2 diabetics from the Commission on Human Rights, National Dairy Authority, and Light Rail Transport Authority.

Currently, the Charantia 30-Day Challenge is spreading good health at the Office of the Press Secretary.

The program has also forged a tie-up with the Manila Adventist Medical Center, formerly Manila Sanitarium.

Now in its third year, the Charantia 30-Day Challenge continuously dares diabetics to improve their condition by participating in the month-long program.

For their guidance, diabetics can download the full Charantia 30-Day Challenge health check diary, including a nutritionist-recommended meal plan and diabetic-friendly exercise routine, at www.charantia.com.

Charantia Ampalaya Supplement is the first ampalaya supplement approved by the Bureau of Food and Drugs as suitable for the diet of diabetics. It is available in loose tea, teabags and 500-mg capsules.

For inquiries, call 802-2222.

Chief News Editor: Sol Jose Vanzi

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