[PHOTO AT LEFT -  As one of Asus’ flagship routers, the WL-520gU has the EZ UI, a powerful graphical user interface (GUI) for routers, that aids users in setting up and managing their networks]

MANILA, MARCH 9, 2009 (STAR) More and more people are getting hooked up with the Internet. Laptops and desktops are filling many households nowadays. With all the technologies used at homes, users do want to ensure mobility and have less hassle with cables.

Asus now offers consumers an easy way to set up Internet connection, convenient printer sharing and prioritized bandwidth usage anywhere in your home with the Asus WL-520gU.

Gone are the days when you have to maintain two Internet connections at home — a Wi-Fi Internet connection with a wireless router for notebooks and wired connection for desktops.

Now surfers can enjoy fast, convenient wireless connection with the USB Wi-Fi dongle that comes free with every purchase of Asus WL-520gU. Just plug the dongle to the desktop and it automatically receives the signal from the router. No more messy lines, no more complicated setups, simply wireless.

As one of Asus’ flagship routers, the WL-520gU has the EZ UI, a powerful graphical user interface (GUI) for routers, that aids users in setting up and managing their networks.

Asus EZ UI brings a breeze through lengthy setup procedures with its Quick Internet Setup (QIS). It automates setup procedure for network devices by intelligently detecting the type of Internet connection each has, eliminating the need for guesswork or reference to complex manuals.

Apart from that, it also comes ready with a foolproof, easy-to-follow setup guide to take the user through the entire setup process in just two clean and easy steps.

The router is also equipped with a Network Map to provide the user with a complete overview of the network device map at a glance.

Yet another Asus exclusive innovation, the EZ MFP empowers network devices with the ability to share printing and scanning devices wirelessly with multiple users, without the need for a server.

The EZ MFP also eliminates the hassle of disconnection and reconnection found in most print servers when multiple users attempt to access the printing device.

Real-time diagnostics is made available with Dr. Surf that also displays a comprehensive device map showing the devices that are connected, clearly listed WAN/LAN status, and simple settings for encryption and WPS, etc. for helpful troubleshooting.

It is an easy and hassle-free file-sharing device with its Asus AiDisk. It employs a wizard to help the user easily set up in just three steps, and utilizes the Asus DDNS service for easy file-sharing.

With Bandwidth-on-Demand, the users can easily allocate bandwidth according to their individual needs by simply clicking on the buttons, such as voice or gaming, and assign more or less bandwidth to streamline multiple network activities (FTP, Games, P2P) to work smoothly at the same time providing uninterrupted IP phone and A/V streaming.

A user can read his e-mails in the living room, let his wife download online recipes in the kitchen, and allow his children to upload their videos in their desktop computers in their bedrooms — turn the entire home into a hot spot.

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