(STAR) Worried about getting entangled with your projector’s cable in the midst of an important business presentation? Afraid you might trip on the cable the moment you stand up to get refreshments while watching your favorite movie at home with your projector?

You need not fret because Acer came up with its own wireless projector called the Acer P5260i that guarantees anxiety-free viewing.

Ideal to use during important meetings and for multimedia screening, the Acer P5260i guarantees exceptional projection performance regardless of presentation environments, whether at the office or even when watching movies at home.

Employing the latest 802.11 b/g wireless technology capability, the Acer P5260i ensures signal strength and clarity for seamless quality projection even for high-definition video and images from almost any location and in all lighting conditions.

Its high brightness rating of 2700 ANSI Lumens, native XGA (1024 x 768) resolution, 134 million displayable colors, plus 2000:1 contrast ratio bring out astounding colors for a totally engaging viewing experience.

Aside from its impressive technical specifications, the Acer P5260i boasts of an impressive line-up of features that complement the projector’s performance.

It has Acer ColorBoost technology that features an optimized six-segment color wheel design, powerful image processing coupled with advanced lamp illumination technology for an impressive color output unmatched by conventional projectors.

This technology serves the Acer P5260i best in terms of vivid video and image projection during business meetings, educational seminars, and even in home entertainment.

The Acer P5260i also has the Acer SmartFormat technology that makes it compatible with any wide-format PC signals.

“Signal not supported” issues? It’s not going to be a problem with the Acer P5260i.

It also has an impressive Acer Quad-View technology wherein the user can divide the screen into four, thus giving the ability to project from different PCs simultaneously.

Plus, it has the Plug and Show Token for installation-free wireless projection, providing convenience for first-time users when launching the projection utility and immediately starting projection without the need for pre-installing software or drivers for their laptops.

And the Plug and Show Token can be created via a USB for easy access and compatibility for multiple guests.

Other features include the top-loading lamp design where the lamp module is top-loaded compared to the bottom-loading design for other projectors. Thus, for offices that require ceiling mounting for their projectors, there is no need anymore to detach the projector from the ceiling since it is top-loaded.

And when in a hurry to leave, the user need not worry about inflicting damage on the Acer P5260i by unplugging it right after a presentation since it does not require a cooling period.

Longevity-wise for the lamp, the Acer P5260i has longer lamp life, with 3,000 hours for standard use and a longer 4,000 hours for economy use.

Visit any Acer distributor or reseller and check out how the Acer P5260i can help bring life and color to presentations.

Chief News Editor: Sol Jose Vanzi

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