NOVEMBER 29, 2008
(STAR) What is the BlackBerry Bold?

The BlackBerry Bold is the first BlackBerry smartphone to support tri-band HSDPA high-speed networks around the world, providing superior functionality and performance for business professionals and power users.

The BlackBerry Bold smartphone integrates 802.11 a/b/g Wi-Fi and GPS, which can pinpoint the user’s location, and supports location-based applications and services. It comes with a beautiful half-VGA (480 x 320 resolution at 217 ppi) color LCD that is fused to the undersurface of the lens, making images and videos appear in stunning definition and clarity.

The smartphone also comes with rich multimedia capabilities, including a media player for music, videos and photos and a two-megapixel camera with video recording.

The BlackBerry Bold works best with Globe’s expansive 3G/HSDPA network. With the Globe’s extensive list of international roaming partners, Globe BlackBerry subscribers will enjoy the BlackBerry Bold benefits anywhere in the world.

What are the key benefits and features of the BlackBerry Bold?

The following are the BlackBerry Bold’s key features and benefits: With e-mail, phone, IM and the Internet, it can connect you. With an integrated organizer, it can help you stay on top of your day. With camera and video recording, you can capture and share the moment with just a few clicks.

Fast performance

Do more — faster. The BlackBerry Bold smartphone was designed to take advantage of the speeds available on the HSDPA network. Together, this high-speed network and the 624-MHz processor help support your need to multi-task and prioritize with access to your voice and data services at the same time.


The fun goes with you. Enjoy premier image and video viewing, build playlists of your favorite songs and organize your media files. You can even use BlackBerry Media Sync to transfer desktop iTunes music files to your smartphone. Downtime may be rare, but the BlackBerry Bold smartphone delivers a wealth of entertainment.

Enhanced Internet browsing

The BlackBerry Browser on the BlackBerry Bold smartphone is designed to deliver a highly innovative Internet experience that makes on-the-go Internet browsing so enjoyable you may question if your laptop needs to make every trip. Not only does the screen design and resolution please the eye, faster downloads and full-screen pages enhance the overall Web experience. Navigate sites and zoom in on content using a trackball-controlled pointer, set bookmarks and view your history from just about anywhere you take your BlackBerry Bold smartphone.


Simple and straightforward. Lower your cellular costs and get service in areas where cellular network coverage may be limited or unavailable, with BlackBerry data services over Wi-Fi networks.

Brilliant display

Color and clarity come to life. The screen of the BlackBerry Bold smartphone catches the eye and is designed to deliver color and clarity that exceed expectations. From the moment you turn it on, you’ll be blown away by explicit color and quality.

Why is it beneficial for business customers to acquire BlackBerry devices and services from Globe Business?

The BlackBerry Bold works best with Globe’s expansive and advanced 3G/HSDPA network. In addition, with the Globe’s extensive list of international roaming partners, Globe BlackBerry subscribers will enjoy the BlackBerry Bold benefits anywhere in the world.

Globe Business provides customers a complete end-to-end BlackBerry solution, addressing whatever the customer needs — implementation, after-sales support and even technical needs. Also Globe Business puts the customer first, ensuring it always delivers great customer experience for all its products and services.

Globe Business also provides the best plans for the BlackBerry subscriber, giving them flexibility to choose the plan that fit their individual requirements. Be it for a heavy e-mail user or voice/SMS user, or a balance of both, there’s a BlackBerry plan for them.

Not only does Globe have a truly advance and expansive 3G/HSDPA network, and an extensive list of international roaming partners, Globe also has a broad Wi-Fi network. With more than 808 Globe WiZ hot spots all over the country, BlackBerry Bold users may opt to use Wi-Fi for their Internet connection. This completes Globe’s business mobility proposition, enabling business users to select the connection they require and to be truly mobile.

With Globe being able to bring together great handsets, expansive network coverage worldwide, flexible subscription plans and excellent service, Globe is the preferred BlackBerry provider.

Chief News Editor: Sol Jose Vanzi

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