MANILA, SEPTEMBER 10, 2008 (STAR) For students who are coping with the mentally challenging academic subjects in school and for employees whose jobs require demanding mental activities such as research and market analysis, a new food supplement is now available to provide enough energy to cope with these mental challenging responsibilities.

Energin 300, a newly introduced food supplement in the market today, has ginseng that improves memory function. Energin 300, one can help one perform memory taxing activities, and other stressful activities better.

Each capsule contains 300 milligrams of ginseng, the highest among similar brands available in the market. Aside from ginseng, it also has royal jelly that helps rejuvenate and revitalize the body.

A pre-launch trial was conducted by Energin 300’s distributor Trianon International Inc. to see how the product improved office employees and students’ mental performance at work and in school.

After the pre-launch trial, a significant improvement in the mental performances of the employees and students were seen, according to Trianon International’s marketing manager Charles Cultura.

Ginseng, as the “cure-all” herb proves its ability to boost one’s memory in several studies. The book “The Healing Power of Herbs” by Dr. Michael Murray says that ginseng has the ability to fight mental stress, resulting in increased memory function and concentration.

Murray’s claim is supported by research conducted at the Institute of Materia Medica at the Chinese Academy of Medical Science in Beijing, which showed that ginsenosides, the key ingredient in ginseng, increased brain activity and protein synthesis.

A clinical study reveals that administration of panax ginseng has been shown to result in cognitive improvements in healthy young volunteers.

The study was participated in by 30 young, healthy adults, who were given 200 mg and 400 mg of ginseng during the course of the study.

This double-blind, placebo-controlled, balanced crossover design provided a 10-minute battery test at baseline and six times in immediate succession commencing 60 minutes after the day’s treatment.

The 10-minute battery test comprised a serial threes subtraction task, a serial sevens task, a rapid visual information processing task, and a “mental fatigue” visual analogue scale.

The result of the study demonstrated a significant improvement of serial seven subtraction task performance and significant reduction in subjective mental fatigue all throughout (with the exception of one time point in each case) of the post-dose completions of the 10-minute battery test. The study suggests that Panax ginseng can enhance mental performance.

Another well-structured Italian study did by L. D’Angelo et al. in 1986 investigated how ginseng improved the psychomotor skills of healthy university students.

It compared students using ginseng and those using an inert substance. “Students who were taking ginseng showed significant improvement over their initial baseline scores in areas such as arithmetic, deductive logic, and sensory-motor function,” D’Angelo concluded.

Further, a study was conducted with proofreaders and radio telegraph workers. After taking panax ginseng, the study found out that they had an improved working state as they responded quickly, made half as many mistakes, and increased their reading speed and concentration.

Other than improved memory function, Energin 300 has other health benefits. “Majority of the subjects also reported to have overall improvement of physical and sexual health, and ability to fight stress,” Cultura said.

Energin 300, manufactured by NOW Foods in the United States, is now available at all Mercury Drug Store branches nationwide. For more information, call the Trianon hotline at 815-3239 or text 0917-8836164.

Chief News Editor: Sol Jose Vanzi

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