MANILA, MAY 24, 2008
(STAR) By Kathy Moran - There is not a day that goes by that I don’t hold on to something digital. With the life we live, being “digital less” may be considered archaic.

When I was much younger, the typewriter was my friend, the library was a place I had to go to for my schoolwork and the payphone was what I used to stay in touch with my parents when I wanted to ask permission to go out with friends.

Kids today are quite different, I wouldn’t say they are luckier, though. There is the computer for homework, spell check included, the Internet for instant research if the library is not an option, and the cellphone with texting to keep mom and dad updated about the gimmicks.

That’s the digital life. A life that keeps all of us in touch with the rest of the world in an instant, as they say.

I admit that I am a gadget victim. There is no cellphone I am unwilling to give a try if given a chance. I believe that if a gadget is worth its weight in metal, plastic, titanium and in peso value, then it has to be something that anyone can learn to use — with the help of a manual or even just by pressing on the keys until one gets the hang of it.

There are many people out there who still shy away from the latest gadgets because, they say, technology moves too fast for them.

The good news is that there are cellphones for people just like that. The kind of cellphone that is manufactured for what a cellphone is made, calling and texting. And then some.

The Nokia 2600 Classic and the Nokia 3120 Classic are two such cellphones. It was fun and quite enjoyable, too, to go back to the basics. I might add though that I did get quite a few “archaic” phone comments. But no matter, I made my calls, sent my texts, heard my favorite ringtones, so I am not complaining.

Classic and classy

Let me start by saying that the Nokia 2600 has nice features. It has been quite a while since I have used such a basic cellphone, victim as I am of the latest cellphone craze; handling the 2600 Classic took a little getting used to.

I like that the 2600 is classy and classic. I know that my younger relatives did not like it, but that was largely because they were looking for a cellphone that was “fashion” looking and loaded with hi-tech features, but the Nokia 2600 is simple elegance in a cellphone.

I love that this cellphone is not an ancient handset making a comeback, rather, the Nokia 2600 Classic fills in a small gap in Nokia’s product range, with a 128x160 pixel TFT screen in VGA resolution camera, FM radio, MP3 ringtones and interchangeable covers. Bluetooth, EDGE data, a Web browser and e-mail client are also some of the cool features of this cellphone.

It’s light at 73 grams. And that is the only light thing about it, I might add. The 2600 Classic comes with six hours of talk time and 24-day maximum standby time.

The Xpress covers are a joy to have and more so to put on. So, I don’t have the most hi-tech cellphone, but I did have the most colorful one. I love it when I can mix and match colors with the Xpress on covers feature. And there are the 1,000 phone book entries. I don’t really have one thousand people that I know, so this phone book memory is perfect for me.

Text, MMS, and e-mail via GPRS, no problem. These features were easy to work with and fast to send. The56K color TFT with a resolution of 128x160 pixels and a five-way navigation key are just perfect. Other remarkable features are Java support, FM radio, and a VGA camera, which can record video at 640x480 pixels.

We all know that the prices of cellphones are one of the reasons whether to get one or not. The Nokia 2600 classic is a steal at a little under P5,000. The price may vary depending on where you get your cellphone. This is perfect for families who look to equip each member with a cellphone that is trendy, can take a few shots and is capable of MMS, SMS and even e-mail.

The Nokia 2600 Classic is the best cellphone in its price range.

It doesn’t stop

The other Nokia cellphone that I enjoyed taking a test run of was the Nokia 3120. Another basic cellphone, this one. I am told that that the 3210 is one of the most affordable 3G dual camera cellphones to hit the market.

Nokia 3120 classic has the same simple and basic design that original Nokia cellphones are known for. Added to that are the practical features that we have all come to love on our Nokia cellphones.

But leave it to the Finnish company to add a few techie features that will capture the imagination of even the most techie cellphone user. It brings the 3G technology to consumers who are looking for cell phones that are reliable and efficient.

The Nokia 3120 classic houses a comprehensive range of features like a two-megapixel camera, video conference camera, video streaming capability, music player and FM stereo radio.

I had a blast trying out the video ringtone. For those of you who want to try it out, a video ringtone lets users assign a video file to a certain caller. When the person calls, for example, your boo, you will know it is her or him when the video comes on. That is much like the assigning a specific ringtone to a caller. This time you can assign a video. Neat. Problem is that you might prefer to watch the video rather than to pick up the phone. The choice is yours.

If there is one thing that can be said about personalizing cellphones it’s that it has made a lot of people really rich. All you have to do is go to places like Greenhills on any given day and see how many people and how much accessories are available there for dressing up the much-loved cellphone.

It is amazing how much one can load into their cellphones to make it truly an extension of who we are. To complete the consumers’ experience there are a number of mobile enhancements that are compatible with the cellphone. These include the Nokia Fun Camera, a stand-alone VGA camera with its own viewfinder, flash and power supply, and the Nokia Radio Headset, which supports stereo FM radio.

The world is truly digital, and the cellphone experience truly unique. Cellphone users are all one-of-a-kind. Techie, techie-phobe, techie-trying hard — we all move in this digital world.

Take your pick; the choice is yours.

Chief News Editor: Sol Jose Vanzi

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