MANILA, MARCH 4, 2008 (STAR) Is your sex life suffering because of stress? Has the hectic demands of today’s fast-paced world ruined your ability for sexual intimacy?

To revitalize your love life, you may need the power of ginseng and the rejuvenating benefit of royal jelly in Energin 300.

This new brand of high-dose ginseng and royal jelly is now prescribed by many local doctors who have seen remarkable improvement in their patients, and considers Energin 300 a natural enhancer of health and wellness.

“Health and wellness is not just a profession; it is also my personal advocacy,” says Dr. Lemuel Tocjayao, a diplomate in internal medicine and a fellow of the Philippine College of Physicians.

Tocjayao says he takes Energin 300 as part of his daily supplements to keep him in top form.

A diabetologist and consultant of integrative medicine at the De los Santos-STI Medical Center, Tocjayao says he prescribes Energin 300 to his patients.

Human studies showed that patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus taking ginseng and royal jelly regularly had better blood sugar control with less elevation of the blood sugar after eating (post-prandial hyperglycemia).

Another clinical trial showed that fasting blood sugar and hemoglobin A1C, which is a marker for diabetes control, decreased in diabetic and non-diabetic patients who took ginseng.

These studies suggest additional benefit in managing diabetes with ginseng and royal jelly as a supplement. Doctors, however, caution that it should only be treated as a supplement and not a substitute for prescribed anti-diabetic drugs.

Since diabetics often develop difficulty in sexual intimacy, the performance-enhancing effects of ginseng and royal jelly can be added benefits.

This food supplement is said to stimulate the sex drive in both men and women by activating some sexual hormones. Since ancient times, ginseng was used to enhance libido and improve sexual health.

Dr. Michael Murray, one of the world’s leading authorities on natural medicine, says, “Panax ginseng elevates testosterone production in both males and females.”

Manufactured by NOW Foods, one of the leading manufacturers of vitamins and food supplements in the United States, Energin 300 has the highest amount of ginseng among similar brands that helps improve one’s overall performance if taken regularly. Trianon International distributes it locally.

The beneficial effect of Energin 300 was recently shown in a pre-launch trial among office personnel and employees, public transport drivers, call center agents, and students who reported improved virility and sexual potency after taking Energin 300, according to Trianon marketing manager Charles Cultura.

Majority of the subjects also reported overall improvement in physical and mental performance, and ability to fight stress, he said.

Energin 300 is available at all Mercury Drugstore branches nationwide. For more information, call the Trianon hotline 815-3239 or text 0917-8836164.

Chief News Editor: Sol Jose Vanzi

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