MANILA, FEBRUARY 16, 2008 (STAR) (As sourced from Lilian and Jennifer Too’s books found at the World of Feng Sui stores by Attorney Jackie Verano) - According to lawyer Jackie Verano, a self-taught feng sui consultant, 2008 is the year of the Earth Rat. Given that this year is ruled by the White Star, which symbolizes Wealth Luck or luck in success, wealth, career advancement and recognition, Verano says this will be generally a lucky year for everyone.

She notes that the White Star signifies the start of new beginnings and new events. At the same time, the Rat is the first sign of the Chinese zodiac and the start of a new calendar cycle. This means that 2008 will be an auspicious time to start new ventures and direction as well as putting new plans and ideas into action.

“Feb. 4 is the solar Chinese new Year, which is the beginning of (the year),” she explains. “The Lunar (New Year), which is the actual fireworks celebration of the Chinese New Year, that one changes every year.”

She notes that the Chinese New Year comes before Feb. 4 but this year it is scheduled on Feb. 7, the same way last year. This means that there will be a missing spring or lapchun.

Because of this, Verano says “it’s a good year for start-ups companies but it’s going to be hard at the beginning because there’s no spring.”

Verano also adds a caveat: there is a lack of the element of growth or harvesting luck for this year because of the presence of the element of metal and fire. To create growth, one has to wear and display gold.

For 2008, the luckiest will be those born in the Year of the Rabbit, as well as the Dragon and the Boar. In particular, those born in the Year of the Rabbit have the Wealth Star in its sky. Meanwhile, those born in the Year of the Dragon will have amazing fortune thanks to the “Earth Seal” that will bring a big Earth-related project while those born in the Year of the Boar have the “Heaven Seal” that will bring them something unexpected in 2008.

Astrological Readings for the Zodiac sign-animals

Rat (1960, 1972) – Dynamic and vivacious. Image conscious. Can be moody. Craves security. Thrives on praise. Wants to be liked/ accepted. Social standing is important.

For the Rat, 2007 was not an easy one with the Violent Star present (the possibility of poor luck in love, problems with health, and monetary loss via being cheated). In 2008, the Heaven Star is an indirect wealth star that brings speculative luck as well as power and authority luck. Those born in the Year of the Rat can look forward to a much better year ahead.

Ox (1961, 1973) – Quiet, conservative and strong. Makes a good leader. Firm convictions. Not easily swayed. Self-disciplined. Big Picture people. Can be ruthless and unforgiving.

For the Ox, 2007 was very difficult as it brought serious afflictions in the form of mishaps, accidents and major obstacles as well as misfortunes of every kind. In 2008, the presence of the Romance Star brings many romance opportunities as well as good scholastic luck. There is also additional wealth luck present. Ox-born people can look forward to plenty for this year.

Tiger (1962, 1974) – Impulsive. Thrill seeker. Passionate in love. Energetic and gutsy. Can be reckless. Exudes confidence. Emotional with extreme attitudes.

For the Tiger, 2007 did not go smoothly as those born under this sign was afflicted by lucky stars, especially the Deadly 5 Yellow Star. However, for 2008, the Romance Star together with the Small Auspicious Star will bring many romance opportunities as well as good scholastic luck. There is also additional wealth luck because of the said Small Auspicious Star.

Rabbit (1963, 1975) – Tactful and diplomatic. The eternal optimist. Sensitive. Eager to please. Takes betrayal badly. Tend to be social climbers. Seldom outrageous.

For the Rabbit, 2007 was a very energetic year due to the Expanding Star (also called the Multiplying Star). Those born in the Year of the Rabbit had the luck of completion as well as investment, promotion and long-term benefits luck. In 2008, the Auspicious Wealth Star is present, which brings prosperity, career luck and much happiness.

Dragon (1964, 1976) – Captivating and vibrant. Good head for business. Seldom understated. Enjoys attention. Can be egotistic. Said to bring good luck to family. Born winner.

For the Dragon, 2007 had the White Star overhead and this was a transformational year where major changes happened to lifestyle and direction. This meant investment luck as well as lots of growth luck and attainment of success against competitors. In 2008, the Multiplying Star with Earth Seal brings prosperity, happy events and a meaningful promotion in career or business. There is particular luck in real estate this year.

Snake (1965, 1977) – Dignified and well-mannered. Mysterious and reserved. Never short of admirers. Gets along with the opposite sex. Deeply intellectual. Can appear vague. Never confrontational.

For the Snake, 2007 had the White Star present but was in direct conflict with the Grand Duke of Jupiter. This meant those born under the Year of the Snake may have offended others. In 2008, the Multiplying Star with Robbery is present and this brings prosperity, happy events and a meaningful promotion in career or business. However, there is the possibility of robbery so err on the side of caution.

Horse (1966, 1978) – Energetic, sometimes restless. Enjoys travel. Independent. Creative. Highly principled. Can be bossy or pushy. A straightforward character.

For the Horse, 2007 had plenty of opportunities and wealth luck. There was also an increase of income or a promotion was given. In 2008, the star of misfortune 5 Yellow Star with the Three Killings is present and this could mean a challenging year ahead. However, though the obstacles may become frustrating or upsetting, they are not insurmountable. Look on this as a time to lie low.

Sheep (1967, 1979) – A dreamy character. Can be indecisive. Subtle and patient. Sweet-natured, but good at manipulating. Flirtatious. Ambitious without letting on. Craves a stable family life.

For the Sheep, 2007 had the Wealth Star and this meant all kinds of crazy luck last year. Those born under the Year of the Sheep had increases in income and wealth as long as they contained the ill energies of 2007. In 2008, Robbery with Violence Star with Side Tai Sui will be in the heavens so be warned of being robbed, cheated or made victim of violence. Follow the old adage, “If it looks too good to be true, it most probably is.”

Monkey (1944, 1968) – Witty and chatty. Holds strong opinions. Spirited and fun-loving. Can be unconventional. Generous. A risk-taker. Enjoys being the center of attention.

For the Monkey, 2007 had the Wealth Star and this was a fruitful and successful year for those born under this sign. There was also windfall luck but with some obstacles or legal problems. For the year 2008, there will be Robbery with Violence Star with Golden Deity. Like those born under the Year of the Sheep, those born under the Monkey must be careful this year. However, there is also money and opportunity luck present because of the Golden Deity.

Rooster (1969, 1981) – Resourceful and practical. Supremely confident. Devoted to friends and family. Fiercely loyal. Lack of patience. Can be temperamental. Honest and outspoken. Highly principled.

For the Rooster, the Romance Star but with the Three Killings was present with those under the sign experiencing romance and education luck. There was also some wealth luck and networking luck. In 2008, the Argument Star with the Two Generals will be overhead and this quarrelsome star could cause rocky relationships, court cases, and family problems.

Dog (1970, 1982) – Playful. Sporty and energetic. Can be extreme. A good worker. Risk averse. Can be pessimistic. Makes a good friend. Fears rejection.

For the Dog, those born under this sign had the Argument Star in 2007 which meant a mediocre year. Severe stress and problems from the petty squabbles were also unavoidable though some wealth luck was also present. In 2008, Illness Star with Small Luck will be observed which means physical ailments and illness for the coming year. However, some small luck is present which may bring wealth and opportunity luck.

Boar (1971, 1983) – Compassionate and affectionate. Usually popular among friends. Good at PR. Romantic. Can be petty and competitive . Non-aggressive.

For the Boar, 2007 had the Argument Star and meant all sorts of problems such those born under this sign became easily irritated. However, there was a chance of some wealth luck. In 2008, the Illness Star with Heaven Seal is present. Fortunately, though the year may bring physical ailments and illness, the presence of the Auspicious Heaven Seal should bring good fortune. The kind of luck here is one that is unexpected and out of the blue, the type usually known as “manna from heaven."

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