MANILA, JANUARY 9, 2008 (STAR) Call service provider iVisibility has introduced My Pinoy Call (MPC), a cost-effective service that enables unlimited incoming and outgoing overseas calls, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Launched in Canada last Nov. 28, MPC was warmly received by Filipinos abroad for its ability to maximize communication with their loved ones in the Philippines, while reducing total call costs by up to 90 percent.

MPC is also the only overseas call service that can place calls to other local carriers in the Philippines.

“What we offer is a Philippine-made, all-day, everyday call service that can bridge the distance between Filipinos abroad and their families, at a fraction of the cost,” said Jose Fornier II, president and CEO of iVisibility.

To avail themselves of these privileges, Filipinos based abroad have to subscribe to a monthly MPC service, through YAK Communications, a subsidiary of Globalive.

They will provide subscribers with a Philippine telephone number and a special SIP phone that needs to be powered by a 128 kbps Internet connection. These will enable subscribers to call anyone, anywhere in the world, as long as it is within the service network of the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC). A minimum per minute rate will be charged for calls outside the NTC network.

For unlimited call services, subscribers from abroad need to avail themselves of extension lines for their family and loved ones in the Philippines. This will provide extension parties with a second telephone number that has unlimited calling power to any NTC subscriber anywhere in the world, as well as to any number within the MPC network service area in the Philippines. This will entail a minimal additional cost for each extension that will be paid by the principal subscriber.

MPC’s ability to terminate calls to other local carriers in the Philippines also makes it most suitable for overseas communication. This unique feature means that Filipinos abroad can now contact their loved ones in the Philippines regardless of whether they use Smart, PLDT or any other local carriers. Moreover, it’s the most affordable way to call home.

iVisibility partnered with major telephone companies to ensure simultaneous and non-stop service to MPC subscribers in all territories.

PhilCom will serve as MPC’s local backbone, while MTS All-Stream provides the overseas support.

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Chief News Editor: Sol Jose Vanzi

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