(MALAYA) (Philippine General Hospital at 100 PGH: Leader in Quality Health Care)

The Philippine General Hospital is the heart of the University of the Philippines Health Sciences Campus. It is in PGH that postgraduate and undergraduate students undergo rigorous clinical rotations in various departments under the tutelage of leaders in the fields of medicine, nursing and allied health professions. Didactics, ward rounds and preceptorships, emergency room duties, out-patient clinics, operating theater rotations and departmental and interdepartmental conferences are included in the clinical rotations. Other key features of their education such as leadership, community and social organization and resource mobilization ensure a holistic training geared towards moulding the future 7-star leaders of Philippine medical and allied medical professionals.

PGH exists because, in health, we are our brothers’ keepers. With a "Tatak PGH" manner of treating our patients, we ensure that all patients understand their conditions and are able to participate in their own treatments. We have 19 clinical departments which, with their attached units, offer excellent facilities for the delivery of comprehensive care for both healthy and sick Filipinos, especially the poor and marginalized, seeking specialty and subspecialty care.

Since January 2004, PGH has been embarking on "modernizing, upgrading, rehabilitating and reinventing" facilities and equipment to benchmark it as one of the best national university hospitals in Asia. We complement infrastructure and equipment availability with interdisciplinary staff development and enhancement through "Excellent Customer Service Skills" and other programs to strengthen our "Tayo sa PGH: Magaling Na, Magalang Pa" and "Bagong Anyo" initiatives.

PGH continues to focus on research initiatives that impact on national health policies. With the dawn of evidence-based medicine and the emergence of new health and medical problems, we put further focus on researches designed towards improving the quality of life of every Filipino.

Through the recently established Expanded Hospital Research Office (EHRO), we have brought together the best minds to define a responsive research agenda designed to improve patient care and healthcare systems in the hospital and in the whole Philippines.

Service at Its Best

The UP-Philippine General Hospital, the government’s largest health institution, continuously serves almost thousands of in-patients and out-patients daily since it was created in August 1907. After 100 years, the hospital remains committed to serving and giving the most comprehensive yet affordable health services.

On its centennial year, UP-PGH rededicates itself to rendering comprehensive quality healthcare services especially to the marginalized sectors. The theme of the centenary celebration dubbed as "100 Years of Leadership and Excellence in Quality HealthCare for the Filipinos" reflects the institution’s vision of continuing service, improving and empowering the lives of millions of Filipinos.

The hospital believes not only in the delivery of comprehensive quality healthcare but on the basis of evidence-based medical interventions meant not only to provide treatment per se but redounds to cost-effective interventions with better outcomes.

The hospital has been a one-stop shop and it caters to almost all the much-needed health provisions of the healthy and the sick. Despite meager funding due to the rising costs of medicine and treatment, the UP-PGH administration has continued to satisfactorily meet the needs of patients through creative resource generating activities and assistance of generous support groups. The hospital now has modern facilities and equipment that respond to the needs of patients undergoing diagnostics and therapeutic procedures through donations from private institutions and organizations. Presently, different parts of the hospital, especially the charity ward and the operating room complex are being renovated through the efforts of the PGH administration and the PGH Medical Foundation Inc.

With best efforts the UP-PGH is geared to meet the challenges to provide the country with the best health care services and facilities accessible and affordable to every Filipino.

Regardless of whatever challenge, UP PGH will continue to uphold the pillar of service and it will continually stand by its noble purpose of being the premier university hospital providing healthcare services to the people and at the same time pioneering in the training of competent and compassionate healthcare professionals.

Inspired and driven by the commitment to serve, UP-PGH continuously respond to the daunting task of modernizing, upgrading and reinventing PGH to meet the health care needs of every Filipino. It has given Legacy and Service their true meanings. For another 100 years, it is certain the UP-PGH will continue to transform and empower the lives of Filipinos and will strive to uplift the health care system of the country.

PGH by the Numbers

Land Area: 10 hectares of UP Manila’s 14 hectares

Floor area: 125,000 sq m

Buildings: at least 40, interconnecting and stand-alone

Charity Wards: 16 Pavillions

Pay Wards: 7 blocks

Intensive/Critical Care Units: 8

Bed Capacity: 1,500 (Charity, Pay, Special)

Occupancy Rate: 95% (charity), 85% (pay)

Personnel: ~3,800 (650 Medical,1,500 nurses, 500 paramedical, 1,200 administrative personnel) + 200 non-plantilla postresidency fellows)

Observers/undergraduate trainees: at least 2,000

Major areas: Inpatient, Outpatient Charity, Emergency Room Complex, Cancer Institute, Sentro Oftalmologico Jose Rizal, Faculty Medical Arts Building/Outpatient Pay

Clinical Departments: 19 (with their own specialty and subspecialty units

PGH Acquires US $1M Donation from Coca-cola

(MALAYA) Step into the entrance of the Philippine General Hospital or PGH and you’ll feel as if you’ve stepped back in time. The hallways, staircases and even windows all reflect the era of the time when it was built – 1907. But more than the traditional furnishings and mouldings, the PGH stands by one other tradition, that is helping people in need by providing quality health care.

On August 17, 2007, the PGH will be celebrating 100 years of standing by this noble tradition. And to help the PGH continue doing what they do best, the hospital received a US $1 million donation from Coca-Cola.

A small ceremony was held last March 29, 2007 at the PGH to honor the contribution made by Coca-Cola to the hospital. Dr. Carmelo Alfiler, director of the PGH, extended his thanks to the company. "PGH today is really blessed as we approach our centennial year. We have really been counting our blessings since last year; we have had a wellspring of philanthropy from both the government and the private sector. Of course today we are overwhelmed by this donation from Coca-Cola."

"This donation will really go a long way in rebuilding three patient pay blocks and one charity ward," he continued. "And these blocks will not only render service to the paying patients of the hospital, but also to the poor and marginalized patients of the charity wards. These pay blocks will also generate some income which we will use for the operation of the hospital in general. So with that, I join the whole PGH community in thanking Coca-Cola for this very generous donation."

The ceremony was attended by Neville Isdell, Coca-Cola chair and CEO, who handed over the donation to PGH. "I want to salute all the men and women who have dedicated themselves over a hundred years to help the PGH to be what it is today. And I come of service to the Filipino," he stated.

"We trust that with what we do today, for our relationship with the PGH to continue on this noble mission and to reach out to the ever great number of Filipino people. Congratulations to you on your centennial year and more power to your organization," he concludes.

Also in celebration of the PGH’s centennial celebration, Coca-Cola collaborated with the institution to release supplements in major dailies and magazines. These supplements contain interesting information about the colourful history of PGH and the state of the hospital today.

Chief News Editor: Sol Jose Vanzi

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