(STAR) By Kathy Moran - A company that changes its logo usually has bigger and better stuff to offer to its customers. This is exactly what Globe Telecom had in mind when it introduced to its Filipino consumers here and abroad its new brand identity — Globe Life. It is through Globe Life that the telco promises to enrich lives through ease and relevance.

“Our mission is to transform and enrich lives through communications. This mission defines how we think, how we work and how we behave,” said Globe president and chief executive officer Gerardo Ablaza Jr. at the launch of the new Globe logo recently. “But it would be hollow if this mission remained locked up in our internal belief system, and did not translate into customer benefit.”

But as I listened to the buzz at the launch, what I picked up was that Globe is offering its customers more than just a new logo. Globe intends to reach out to its customers not only through new things and technology but also to find new ways to get to know and strengthen the ties it has with the people who have been loyal to it through the years. The company is dead-set on relentlessly pursuing innovations that deliver the promise of “ease and relevance” to enrich its customers’ lives.

OK. So what does all this really mean?

Let’s start with its new, and might we add, cuter logo. At the center of the “Globe Life” logo is a hand. It represents the customers who are at the core of everything the company offers. The hand is reaching out to various icons, which represent the different services the company offers. And, as the Globe executives stated, all the services are within easy reach of the hand at the center of the logo.

Ferdz de la Cruz, head of Globe’s Consumer Wireless Business Group, said everything the company does is its way of renewing a commitment it has made to its customers.

“It is really about customer first,” he added.

Globe Life is anchored on its main thrust, which is enriching lives. To do this, Globe wants to make all that it offers easy and convenient for its consumers.

It is with this in mind that Globe is currently focused on three packages which will serve as a kick-off for more things to come.

First, there is the new Globe OFW SIM. Really, how much more timely can this be? We all know that OFWs have been touted as modern-day heroes of the country — and almost every other Filipino we know has a relative abroad. With the new Globe OFW Family Pack, the “Ang Roaming SIM na pang-habang-buhay” is a pack which consists of an OFW SIM, a Family SIM, a One Ayala Card, a prepaid roaming guide and an international services pamphlet.

Now, OFWs will be able to receive messages from their loved ones in the Philippines through a special roaming privilege. For the first month, upon launch, the OFW SIM will require zero maintaining balance. The OFW SIM will be offered in Globe stores starting Sept. 15.

Then there are the young ones. “Globe has made prepaid Internet cards, online gaming credits and downloads accessible via their nearest suking tindahan, “ said De la Cruz. “This allows them to have easy access to the things they love like games and downloads.”

There is the Globe-Yahoo tie-up, which has become a bit hit among Globe subscribers. The Yahoo! oneSearch, the mobile-optimized search service, makes browsing hassle-free because users will no longer need to sift through a bunch of links to find what they are looking for. It is integrated exclusively on the myGlobe WAP site, making the Philippines one of only 14 countries to make Yahoo! oneSearch available for use. As an added bonus to customers, Globe is offering 50 percent discount on browsing charges, making the Yahoo! mobile experience even more affordable.

Globe aims to translate its mission to making Globe services not only helpful in its customers’ daily life, but ensure that these are easy to understand and use. A simple push of a button, a quick swipe or a few clicks of the mouse — removing complexity in communications technology and making services relevant to enrich lives.

“What is new today is that you will see only one brand, Globe, across all our products and services and our refreshed commitment and spirit, driving every individual in Globe to be more customer-centric than ever. Globe Business will now be the carrier brand for our Enterprise Business Group and Small and Medium Enterprise Group. Globe Business makes technology, products and services available, not as an end in themselves, but as pieces of an overall solution relevant to our business partners’ specific situation or needs, whether helping them in their internal business processes or with reaching out to our customers more effectively,” Globe business head Gil Genio said.

“With One Globe comes new products and services we are proud to share with you. This is just the start of a whole slew of easy and relevant offers to enrich the lives of our customers. We are committed to provide the best customer experience. We are not perfect but we are not resting to improve our internal processes to make it easier for our customers to deal with us and to use our services,” said De la Cruz.

The Globe Life is a promise for excellent customer experience in all their touch points across their companies.

“The Globe Life is more than just a new logo,” quipped De la Cruz. “It is really journey that we will take with our customers. So that in the end, we will give them the best experiences using only the latest in technology.”

Chief News Editor: Sol Jose Vanzi

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