AUGUST 3, 2007
 (BULLETIN) Contributed by ELEANOR LEYCO - According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the number of cases of diabetes in developing countries is likely to increase more than two-fold in the next 30 years. To date, the estimated number of diabetics in the Philippines is about four million and only one out of four are aware of it. Out of the one million who know they have the disease, only 200,000 are undergoing treatment. By the year 2030, cases of diabetes in the Philippines will increase to 7.8 million.

Furthermore, the WHO report on Diabetes says that whether you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes, what, when, and how much you eat all affect your blood glucose level. Blood glucose is the main sugar found in the blood and the bodyís main source of energy. For a diabetic (or a person with impaired glucose tolerance), the blood glucose level can shoot up if too much food is consumed at a time. When blood glucose levels remain high for a period of time, a person can develop heart, eye, foot and kidney diseases. Too low blood glucose levels also create problems because a person can develop hypoglycemia. Keeping oneís blood glucose at a healthy level will prevent or slow down diabetes and consequent complications.

According to Better Than Ice Cream (BTIC) general manager, Pie Bonoan-Cabigas, the best way to curb the rising diabetes incidence in the country is through lifestyle change. "Addressing oneís health condition should start in changing his/her lifestyle, especially oneís eating habit. We are what we eat!"

"Pinoys have very well adapted the fast-paced lifestyle and everybody wants to get things done in a snap of a finger. With the rise of to-go restos and other food chains, most of us donít care much about the nutrition we are getting from the food we eat. This unhealthy practice could cause bad health conditions, like obesity and diabetes," adds Cabigas.

Banking on the health benefits of BTIC products and the companyís continuous research and development efforts to give its consumers the very nutritious products that can boost oneís health and even help prevent illnesses, the company encourages frozen dessert lovers to make BTIC frozen yogurt a part of their healthy diet and lifestyle. BTIC Frozen Yogurt products are low in fat, cholesterol and calories but high in calcium, carbohydrates and protein. BTICís No Sugar Added products are sucrose-free and are sweetened with Nutrasweet.

A study documented in The International Journal of Obesity reveals that yogurt may help turn up the bodyís fat-burning ability thus making it easier to lose fat while maintaining lean muscle. The mix of nutrients found in dairy foods such as yogurt, especially calcium, may be responsible for helping the body break down and burn fat. Eating yogurt will provide the calcium we need without saturated fat and cholesterol.

Aside from helping lose weight, frozen yogurt helps the digestive system because it contains active friendly bacteria cultures - Streptococcus thermophilous and Lactobacillus bulgaricus, which change most of the lactose in the milk into simpler sugars easily absorbed by the body. Other benefits obtained from eating yogurt products are: it strengthens the immune system; it prevents diarrhea and promotes healing specially after intestinal infections; it guards against ulcers; and decreases yeast infections.

"Before, we thought that diabetes and obesity were hereditary, but nowadays, anyone can develop it, especially those who love to eat sweets and foods rich in sugar. Changing our eating habits may take a while but in the meantime there is no need to deprive oneís cravings for desserts because we offer products that are healthy with most of it having no sugar added," Cabigas noted.

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