JUNE 25, 2007
 (STAR) By Kathy Moran - Two years ago, 3G technology was introduced hereabouts. I remember trying out the technology, video calling, in particular, with one of the higher-end cellphones. It was great. But my doubts as to whether the technology would take off were many, mainly because of the price of the service, and also of the 3G-ready cellphones at the time.

No longer.

Globe Telecom, the mobile operator that introduced GSM and 3G with HSDPA (High Speed Downlink Packet Access) technology in the Philippines, makes the latest communication services available to more Filipino consumers with its relevant and affordable offerings.

“Globe has always been at the forefront of life-changing technologies,” says Edmond Gozo, head of Globe Telecom’s 3G and Internet Access Data Group. “It was Globe that started text messaging in the country. And look how it has changed the way people communicate with one another.”

Gozo adds that Globe was also the first to launch 3G in the country. He says Globe started testing the technology in 2005 and, in 2006, it launched the service.

“Today, we are still the first and only telecom provider of the HSDPA technology, which Globe refers to as Super 3G, throughout our entire network, which is estimated at 1,100 sites all over the country,” he says.

But for Globe more than just making the service available, the company searched for ways to make sure that just like texting, it would be a service that many Filipinos would enjoy using. Really, it would be fun to see the person we are talking to, right?

That was exactly what Globe Telecom CEO Gerry Ablaza wanted when the service was launched. And that is what Globe has been able to do with its newest LG phone, the KU250.

“Because we have super 3G, it makes available a lot of the services that we have started to become familiar with. There are video calling and video IDD, higher speed Internet browsing, multimedia streaming and downloading,” Gozo says. “But what we would like to do is make 3G available to all. The problem with 3G is that until today it has been relatively expensive. Globe changes that.”

“The Philippines is the first country where we are introducing the KU250 in Asia,” says Jeff Hong, president and CEO of LG Electronics. “Globe is one of the largest telecom companies in the country. With Globe, LG hopes to make its presence stronger in the Philippines because of the strong support from Globe Telecom.”

Globe continues to find ways to provide the benefits of 3G to a much wider user base by making key contributions in efforts to bring this technology closer to more and more customers.

The company was one of the 12 mobile operators worldwide that supported the GSM Association’s (GSMA) “3G For All” campaign, which aims to come up with the most affordable 3G phone, at approximately $100, to drive adoption and use of 3G services. A bi-supporter and pioneer in the technology, Globe was among those instrumental in choosing the winning handset — the LG KU250 — which was announced at the 3GSM World Congress 2007 in Barcelona, Spain.

Now, Globe makes 3G available to more customers as it offers LG’s For All phone, the KU250 — the world’s most affordable 3G phone — to new and existing Globe subscribers, putting Super 3G services like video calling, video IDD, high-speed Internet browsing, video and TV clip streaming, and MP3 and full song downloading within their reach.

“As the first to commercially launch 3G and HSDPA in the Philippines, we in Globe are most excited to make the LG KU250 — ‘3G For All’ winner — available to our customers. We believe that there is a huge unserved, mass-market segment in the Philippines which the ‘3G For All’ initiative will address and we look forward to 3G becoming a mass-market proposition within the next years,” Ablaza says.

Now, more Filipinos can experience Globe’s rich multimedia 3G services, such as video calling, which makes it possible for them to see and not just hear their family and friends. Communicating over the mobile phone has never been as exciting as with video calling, where real smiles and flying kisses replace text smileys and “mwaaahs.”

With the widest international coverage, an HSDPA network that continues to grow across the Philippines, affordable 3G phones, and video call rates that are the same as regular voice call rates, Globe’s video calling service is truly within reach of more and more Filipinos in the country and around the world.

The “3G For All” handset is packed with features and easy to use. It has two cameras (a 1.3-megapixel main camera and a VGA camera at the front of the unit) so subscribers can enjoy two-way video calls and share what they’re seeing. Not only do video calls cost the same as local voice calls, postpaid subscribers can even use their free minutes to make local video calls. Video IDD calls are at $0.0067 per second making virtual reunions affordable and convenient.

The new LG-KU250 also allows fast WAP browsing and downloads of MP3s, music video clips, movie trailers and shows from the myGlobe 3G WAP portal. It comes with a USB data cable that makes synchronizing files and connecting to a laptop and to the Internet convenient. Its 10MB of internal memory and MicroSD-expandable storage allow subscribers to save their favorite content, and Bluetooth connectivity makes it easy for them to share it with their friends.

Globe has prepared the best packages in the market for the “3G For All” phone, as it aims to make video calling and other Super 3G services widely available in the Philippines.

Ongoing until June 30, consumers can get up to three phones for free when they subscribe to a Plan 800 with two Extension Plan 500s. The phone is free at Plan 800.

Globe offers the most affordable prepaid phonekit at P6,250, and as low as P6,050 each if a customer gets two or more handsets. Plus, with zero percent interest on 12-month installment plans, subscribers can get the LG-KU250 for just a little over P500 per month.

With Globe’s super 3G services and the best phone deals for individuals and groups, Globe truly makes possible a whole new way of connecting to friends, family, and colleagues, your favorite content, and the internet, right here, right now.

The first “3G For All” handset is available at all Globe Business Centers and Hubs. To learn more about Globe’s Super 3G services, visit or text 3G to 2222 for free.

Chief News Editor: Sol Jose Vanzi

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