MAY 15, 2007
 (BULLETIN) By Jerry Liao - Flip Video - Point, Click and Share.

If my memory serves me right, the first camera phone I saw was Nokia's 7110. And at that time, I was telling myself - what will I do with a phone with a camera? I can't find a use for it at that time. Well I guess I have to eat my own words - the explosion of camera phones and digital cameras are phenomenal. The battle on who can provide the highest resolution is heating up. The company who can provide quality, affordability and ease of use will win the race.

The convinience brought about by camera phones and digital cameras helped websites like Photobucket, Flickr, Facebook, YouTube and others to become popular. After taking their pictures, people will upload their pictures to photo-sharing website for online storage or to share it to their friends and relatives.

The next question I have is what will be the next wave of camera phones or digital cameras? Will it just be a quality and resolution war? How about a camera that will allow you to upload your picture or video directly to photo-sharing websites? I can do it now with phones that are Internet capable. But is there a better way? A cheaper way?

I stumbled into a website where a line of digital camcorders called Flip Video manufactured by Digital Technologies allows consumers to shoot and share video upload directly to YouTube and other online video sharing sites. The device feature a major advance in video sharing technology combined with an ultra-portable design and easy video capture and editing. Developed with Internet video sharing software integrated into the device, Flip Video ( is the first camcorder to seamlessly upload directly online video sharing sites.

"With Flip Video, Pure Digital has created a brand new category of camcorder that puts the power to instantly capture, edit, and share video in the pocket of everyday consumers," said Jonathan Kaplan, Chairperson and CEO of Pure Digital Technologies. "Flip Video has the potential to forever change the way people use this increasingly popular medium."

Flip Video's built-in software allows people to share videos as easily as they would digital photos. In addition to instant emailing, the program allows videos to be uploaded directly to popular Internet video sharing sites, including YouTube. Creative users can also edit their clips, make custom movie mixes, add their own music, capture still photos from video, and even design video greeting cards.

"Flip Video is a new breed of camcorder that recognizes and leverages the tremendous demand for

video sharing." said Kelly Liang, Business Development, YouTube. "Not only does Flip Video make

it easy to capture video, it also makes it simple to instantly share it with friends, family or the world via YouTube."

Hardware Specification:

Internal flash memory: 30 minute version = 512 MB; 60 minute version = 1 GB; 1.4 inch color screen for instant viewing; Full 30 fps video quality at VGA (640x480) resolution; MPEG-4 recorded video files saved in AVI format; Flip-out USB 2.0 Arm connects to PC or Mac; TV viewing through Video Out (cable included); Built-in wide range microphone and speaker.

Software Specification:

Flip Video Software Program launches directly from camcorder: View, organize, and locally archive in clip-based library system; Capture still photos from video clips; Edit videos shorter with basic truncating feature; Privately email videos and video greeting cards; Create custom audio and video montage mixes, Publish videos online to partner sites YouTube & Grouper.

Additional Flip Video Features and Availability

- One-touch recording with 2x digital zoom

- 1.5 inch color playback screen

- Instant playback, review and delete features

- Play videos directly from the camcorder to any TV

- Uses AA batteries

- Built-in software for instant viewing, editing, and sharing

- One-click emailing

- Integrated video uploading to YouTube and other online video sharing sites

- Capture still frames from video

- Make custom-edited movie mixes with music

- Create and organize your personal video library

Flip Video may not be available in the Philippine yet but the announcement signals a new dimension in digital audio/video equipment. The convergence of portable device and the Internet will be the next wave of development. Very soon, you'll also be able to upload your pictures and video directly onto the Internet from the PSP with it's PSP Camera. It's going to be a matter of time that such functionality will become an integral part of these gadgets.

And just to show you how important these developments are - YouTube will soon pay people who upload their materials on their website, something like AdNetworks but users are paid based on their content. YouTube calls them Content Partners.

So how do I view camera phones today? It has now become an integral part of a constantly connected and online world, where information is readily available anywhere.


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