APRIL 20, 2007
 (STAR) Nearly a year ago, IP e-Games, an IPVG company, revolutionized local online gaming when it jumpstarted the free-to-play/item-based system in the Philippines.

The results were dramatic: RAN Online, the company’s flagship title, became the most popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) in the market within months of its launch. It was soon followed by O2Jam, which quickly dominated the online casual game section.

The free-to-play system ushered IP e-Games into the limelight of Philippine online gaming in unprecedented ways. Now, one year since its inauguration, IP e-Games is more than ready to face yet another chapter in its continuing quest to bring the best online game experience in the Philippines.

And what would be the most appropriate way to celebrate this milestone than by having the most massive gaming event this summer.

On April 28 at the Le Pavilion, Metropolitan Park, IP e-Games will unleash "e-Games Dom1Nation," the first year anniversary event of IP e-Games Philippines.

Dom1Nation is one gigantic first anniversary celebration with live tournaments for every major e-Games title, cosplay events, contests, live performances, exhibits, and unlimited free play.

The grand celebration is IP e-Games’ way of saying "Thank you" to the players for their continued support and unwavering dedication.

Dom1Nation is also a great opportunity for IP e-Games fans, players, guilds and clubs to meet up, interact, and forge relationships.

Spearheading the tournament list is RAN Online’s Battle Royale National Finals. It is a culmination of the three-month search for the best RAN players, where the winner of the BR National Finals will represent the country in the 2007 RAN World Championship.

Jammin’ to Jakarta: the 2007 O2Jam National Championship will also hold its grand finals at Dom1Nation. The finest O2Jam aficionados will, in turn, fly to Jakarta, Indonesia for the 2007 Asian Online Game Tournament.

Dom1Nation also promises great events for Audition Dance Battle, Supreme Destiny, Battle Position, and Dreamville.

Each game will have its own set of computers, gorgeous stage designs, and fun activities.

In line with this, IP e-Games has signed up PLDT myDSL as the official broadband Internet connection provider and Redfox as the major PC sponsor.

Ed Pasion, marketing director of IP e-Games, is happy that PLDT myDSL and Redfox are on-board for the event.

He said the partnership with PLDT MyDSL will allow IP e-Games to provide the fastest Internet connection, while the Redfox PCs will greatly complement the spectacular roster of e-Games titles which will be made available for play at the event.

In the coming weeks, Pasion said IP e-Games will sign up more partners for its first anniversary celebration.

"Coupled with our efforts, we will give our players and participants one truly spectacular gaming event," he said.

Chief News Editor: Sol Jose Vanzi

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