APRIL 18, 2007
 (STAR) The spirit of entrepreneurship is truly alive and well among the Filipino youth. Load.com.ph is the brainchild of two young entrepreneurs Erick Kalugdan and Joey Uy who shared a vision of making it big in the prepaid loading service.

The idea came about as many Filipinos are now comfortable doing transactions through their mobile phones. This was initiated through various efforts by local telco operators in getting more Filipinos to use their cellphones to accomplish basic needs ranging from simple entertainment to making seemingly complex money transfers. Now a new trend is getting web-wary shoppers to use the Internet for transacting as well. At Load.com.ph, the credits you load into your mobile phone are almost as good as cash.

Load.com.ph is a free of charge prepaid load service provider that allows one to buy, sell and convert your credits via the Internet, SMS or WAP. Through load.com.ph you can do online electronic loading. Anyone can load their prepaid cellphones, whether it be from Smart, Talk NíText, Addict Mobile, Globe Handyphone, Touch Mobile, and Sun Cellular from anywhere in the world, anytime, via the Internet. Electronic PINís such as online game Top-Ups are also available! Load.com.phís Mobile Electronic Loading System allows mobile phone subscribers with ordinary SIMís, whether prepaid or post-paid, from any telephone operator, to electronically load their own cellphone or electronically load another personís cellphone wirelessly via plain cell-to-cell SMS.

Load.com.ph aims to provide the most convenient, most accessible and most reliable prepaid loading service at the best rates possible.

A subscriber can also sell his load credits to other Load.com.ph users.

Load.com.ph even have a great Referral Program. Just introduce Load.com.ph to your friends and earn one percent from all their load credit purchases from Load.com.ph! Clearly with Load.com.ph you not only save money but you can also earn from your transactions.

The best part is that you can relax with confidence when it comes to making your online transactions through Load.com.ph as the site is VeriSign secured. To add to this, Load.com.ph is backed by two large corporations, namely Telecom Concepts and First Telecom, who are major distributors of all the telco providers in the Philippines, namely Smart, Sun, and Globe.

Load.com.ph is the only universal prepaid loading service provider which accepts payment from virtually all channels ó cash, credit card (visa, mastercard, jcb), US checks, US direct debit, Smart Money, Smart Padala, G-Cash. They even have their very own prepaid card ó the All-in-1 prepaid card which you can use to buy cellphone load and other prepaid cards available in the Philippines. Just look for this All-in-1 Prepaid card from Load.com.ph at your nearest convenience or sari-sari store! Enter your Card Number and PIN via Web, SMS, or WAP to credit your Load.com.ph account instantly.

Chief News Editor: Sol Jose Vanzi

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