, FEBRUARY 3, 2007
  (STAR) The total rose to over 100 million records stolen in the United States, and even though lost data do not equate to identify theft, once names and social security numbers are out there, they are out there for good.

Groups of government, industry and academic IT security experts have continuously been developing proposals on ways to improve cybersecurity. Dale Meyerrose, ODNI’s CIO, headed a team to "fight it out" and see whose proposals are best. Then, findings will be issued as guidance immediately implemented in seven areas, including certification and accreditation, software reuse, security policy and security standards. Meyerrose added he plans to make public as many of these policies as possible.

"The end goal is to come up with the best way to do these things," Meyerrose said at a recent event in Washington sponsored by the Professional Services Council, an industry trade association in Arlington, Virginia. "We need to make these policies the new normal."

The Internet has become very fundamental in today’s daily operations. With the vast number of people logging on, each system is also at risk of viruses and hackers. To effectively defend one’s network, it is best to learn how these get into the system. Be a hacker to fight a hacker, so to speak.

Certified Ethical Hacking is the most comprehensive course to address hacking techniques in a modular fashion with over 22 domains while also advocating counter measures, thus delivering real value to organizations. It is a collaborative effort of the security community with more than 300 professionals contributing content to the courseware development. The truly global development team spreads across diverse geographies – seven countries to be precise and ensures that new updates are rolled out every four to six months.

EC Council Academy, a multinational company that develops different IT certification and programs, has partnered with local IT schools to address this need. Among its first partners are the Ateneo Center for Continuing Education-Graduate School of Business, Informatics, Global Knowledge Associates, and MISNet Education.

For questions on Certified Ethical Hacking courses, e-mail to,log on to, contact SMS hotline 0927-9075088 or get in touch with any of the partner schools.

Chief News Editor: Sol Jose Vanzi

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