, DECEMBER 5, 2006
  (STAR) By Kathy Moran - To have and to hold. That was the first thought that came to mind when I got a taste of the Nokia 7390. After all, it seemed to me like forever since Nokia had come out with a cellphone that is fashionable, functional and 3G-capable, too.

The 7390 was launched as part of the L’Amour Collection of Nokia recently. This explains its fashionista look.

When I saw the last collection of L’Amour phones I was not too attracted to them. I like form, but it is function that appeals to the cellphone lover in me. Actually, it took some coaxing before I even ventured to give the collection a second chance.

What is it that they say about people in love? Love is lovelier the second time around. So it is, with me and the L’Amour Collection. I have become a firm believer in giving everyone and everything a second chance.

What more can I say? It was a bronze black unit I tried out.

Since the phone is a flip or clamshell phone, call it as you wish, the unit has a small screen in front, which is framed in bronze. It is in the bronze frame where the phone’s psychedelic design is etched. Just outlines really. Cool.

I was told that there is a powder pink version, too.

I am hooked.

It was a touchy-feely relationship that we had. I held the phone and pressed all its keys at the slightest provocation. Even when I did not have to hold the phone, I did. I could not let go.

For starters, the Nokia 7390 has a three-megapixel camera and runs on S40 feature pack software kit.

In the recent past, it seemed to us that all cellphone companies were positioning their phones as bling accessories. The problem with that is that the business phones, which are made for men only (at least it seems that way), are boring.

With Nokia it seems that most of its fashion phones are treated as women-only cellphones, which means the cellphones are cute but may not necessarily have all the functions needed by techie cellphone lovers.

With the introduction of the 7390 Nokia seems to be attempting to capture both the guys and girls out there.

I asked my brother what he thought of the 7390 and if he would use it. Yup, was his reply. He found it a bit small for his hands, but he liked the design accent on the cover flip of the phone. More than that he liked that the phone was loaded with all the features he looks for in a cellphone. There are users who want their phones to be both functional and a looker, too.

The bronze black version provides a masculine feel, one that brings back memories of the past.

The powder pink model (at least the one I saw on the Net) is a daring combination of ceramic white and powder pink. Not too frilly, but really cute.

This sleek, elegant fold phone, blends precision technology with groundbreaking design. As Nokia’s first 3G fashion phone, the Nokia 7390 combines exquisite materials and design innovation within a fully featured phone. The three-megapixel camera and WCDMA high-speed connectivity is subtly hidden within ceramic-inspired shell and leather panels. Ideal for a 24/7 lifestyle.

I had fun downloading data from the cellphone provider. This WCDMA (3G) phone has high-speed streaming which made the downloading quick and hassle-free.

I did not try out the video call option, although I did like the way I looked when I switched to 3G just to check my image. The three-megapixel camera with autofocus and integrated flash is just great. I captured my doggies with the phone and in an instant sent the photos to my family members in a snap.

Paws up to that.

The other problem many phone users face when dealing with a new phone is transferring data. With the 7390 Bluetooth transfer of data was easy. I sent my directory by Bluetooth from my non-Nokia unit and the transfer was fast and accurate.

The phone is also loaded with wallpapers and screensavers, which are good-lookers. Of course, that didn’t stop me from downloading personal screensavers and wallpapers. Really, it ain’t my phone unless it’s got a photo of my three canine buddies.

The other big thing with the 7390 is its music player, which can be accessed with the push of just one button.

People who know me know that I am no music junkie, but I do like a selection of tunes from the ’70s. I loaded the 7390 with my favorites from the past and played them on the integrated music player and 3D-effect stereo speakers. Music to my ears.

The fact that the phone’s music player can handle MP3/AAC/M4A/eAAC+/AAC+/WMA formats was just perfect. My favorite ringtones were transferred. Old habits are really hard to leave behind. With me and cellphones that is so true. I like the new phones and all the technology they offer, yet I need to have my favorite ringtones playing every time I get a call or receive a text message. The 7390 did that for me. Something new, something old.

We are texters all in this country of ours. And this is where the Nokia 7390 seemed to be a bit amiss. I had to adjust a bit to the very flat keypad of the phone. As texters know flat keypads make texting a wee bit more difficult. Once I got the hang of it though, I smiled. I know that Nokia makes Asian versions, perhaps the 7390 should be made a little more Asian when it comes to the keypad design.

The other key features of the phone are the QVGA main display in 16M colors and 160 x 128 pixels mini display in 262,144 colors. Plus the stereo FM radio, stereo music player and MP4 video player. The phone comes with a 128MB memory card to add to its 21 MB internal memory. This means that for those who like to load up their phones this unit is capable of another 2GB expanded memory if you get your own microSD card.

I played the 3D snake while killing time. I did not win big, but I loved the new 3D version of the old snake game. It was funny how the snake would shake its head when I made a wrong move. I also tried my hand at music guess. You all know the game, the one where you name the tune in a few notes. I played miserably but I had loads of fun.

Till death do us part.

Or at least till the next new Nokia phone on the block comes along.

Chief News Editor: Sol Jose Vanzi

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