(STAR) Obesity and overweight is an all-encompassing condition that transcends beyond age brackets and social status. The Philippine Association for the Study of Overweight and Obesity (PASOO) medical convention last Sept. 1-2 at the Grand Ballroom of the Century Park Hotel in Manila addressed this problem through a series of symposia on obesity management in special conditions and populations.

With the theme "Winning the War Against Obesity," PASOO’s third postgraduate course featured the symposia "Preventing Obesity at the Beginning of Life" and "Obesity in the Elderly: Should They Be Treated?" delivered by noted physicians Maria Asuncion Silvestre and Rosa Allyn Sy, respectively.

To inform the delegates of the latest developments in obesity management, PASOO president Dr. Augusto Litonjua lectured on "Inflammation and Obesity: New Field of Therapy?" while Dr. Elizabeth Paz-Pacheco discussed "Non-alcoholic Liver Steatosis: A Fat Storage Disease."

Later in the first day, delegates were formed into four groups and assigned to different speakers who thoroughly discussed assessment of body weight (patient screening and evaluation) and physical activity prescription. A symposium was also allotted for dietary management and counseling.

The second of the two-day convention probed deeper on the nature and causes of obesity with symposia under the umbrella topic "Epidemiology: The What, Why and Wherefore of Obesity."

Dr. Rodolfo Florentino zeroed in on obesity cases in the Philippines, while Dr. Antonio Miguel Dans introduced waist-to-hip ratio system that would determine the standards for obesity, replacing the body mass index.

Afternoon sessions shed some light on the issues concerning the effectiveness of paramedical practices. Drs. Florencio Lucero, Joseph Fernan Ortiz and Ariel Torres each discussed the real deal on cosmetic surgery, mesotherapy and gyms in relation to weight management, respectively.

Toward the end of the convention, the role of the community and government in winning the war against obesity were also tackled.

The coolest way to read all the news! The Philippine STAR 09/14/2006

MobileGroup, Inc. (MGI), a Philippine-based mobile applications development company recently launched Newsboy. This Java application allows users to easily read the day's news on their mobile phone. Most local newspapers including Business Mirror, BusinessWorld, INQ7 Interactive, Journal Group, Manila Times, Manila Standard Today and have partnered with MGI to make their news content available on Newsboy. This revolutionary mobile service will surely benefit busy people who need to be updated with the latest news stories. Since Newsboy is installed on the phone, mobile subscribers can literally go anywhere and still have access to their favorite newspaper at the touch of a finger. The menu-driven interface of the application makes it very easy to use (perfect even for non-techies). A "Save" function provides users with the capability to store specific news articles as well.

How to download and install

Mobile subscribers of Smart can download the Newsboy MIDlet by simply visiting the Smart WAP site. The Newsboy link can be found under the "What's New" category. Upon clicking the Newsboy link, details and information about the application will be displayed and the user just needs to click on "Download Newsboy" to start the download and subsequent installation process. Once installed, user can click on the Newsboy icon and select the Smart GPRS connection. This service will also be available soon for Globe and Sun subscribers.

Select your favorite newspaper and start reading the news

Newsboy starts by displaying the names of the different news partners. A user can simply highlight and click the preferred news partner to browse the articles titles for FREE. The full text of an article is then loaded when a user clicks on its title. Each downloaded article only costs P2.50.

Phone compatibility

The software engineers of MGI designed Newsboy to run on most MIDP 2.0 compliant phones from various manufacturers such as Motorola, Nokia, O2, Sony Ericsson and Samsung. It has been tested on several handsets the list of which is available on the Newsboy WAP site ( MGI has a support hotline (632) 7514050 available to help users configure the application on their phone.

Newsboy WAP version

The Newsboy content is also accessible via a WAP browser. Users just have to open and the same news content is displayed on the phone's WAP browser. This is ideal for handsets that are not able to run Java applications.

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