MANILA, August 27, 2005
 (STAR) In a public forum themed "From Technology to Career" last July 2005 in Singapore, Microsoft s Chairman and Chief Software Architect Bill Gates said that the key to helping businesses become more agile and productive in the global economy is to empower individual workers, by giving them tools that will help improve efficiency and enable them to focus on the highest-value work.

The majority of today's workforce uses Microsoft Office programs as an integral part of their jobs. But many Office users are content simply to write letters in Word, crunch numbers in Excel, create slide shows in PowerPoint. More often than not, people use Office applications individually, thus redundancy and duplication of work and documents occurs.

With these reasons at hand, Certified Microsoft Office specialist and I.T. veteran Jerry Liao will again conduct his highly successful Powertips seminar on September 14, 2005 at the Rizal Ballroom of the Makati Shangrila Hotel.

"We will provide hundreds of timesaving tips and performance-boosting techniques to help our students and rofessionals revolutionize the way they do their work" said Liao. Liao added that Powertips 2005 should not be viewed as a simple computer seminar but more of a course in personal productivity. "The workplace of the future will all be about collaboration, seamless sharing of information and processes" Liao said.

A recent research conducted by OfficeTeam indicated that technology will continue to reshape the workplace, changing how and where we conduct business which will require flexibility and adaptability attributes in employees at all levels.

The Powertips 2005 seminar will provide shortcuts, tips and techniques that will put the power, versatility and performance of Microsoft Office 2003 at your fingertips. Microsoft has added new features to make your use of Office 2003 more productive. The seminar will teach users the new, useful features of each application within the Office 2003 suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project, Visio, InfoPath and OneNote).

After the seminar, Liao said that attendees will be able to see Office's capabilities from an entirely new "Big Picture" perspective, routine jobs will be automated, saving countless manhours of busywork, presentations will take on a more polished, professional look, and productivity in general will soar.

The Powertips 2005 seminar is supported by GlobeLines, Microsoft, Silicon Valley, Smart, AMA, Avaya, Canon, EMC, Epson, HP, APC InfraStruXure, PLDT myDSL, Nexus Technologies, PalmOne, PLDTOnline, Samsung, SAP and STI.

Tickets for the Powertips 2005 seminar are now available at all SM TicketNet outlets. You can also register online at :

Reported by: Sol Jose Vanzi

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