MANILA, January 5, 2005 (STAR) In the first international symposium on "Trends in Children’s Growth and Nutrition" recently held in Bangkok, Thailand, delegates and nutrition experts from Southeast Asia pinpointed ways of improving the growth and nutrition of the region’s children.

Concerned about children’s growth and nutrition, Kiddi Pharmaton, a Swiss-formulated children’s multivitamin, hosted the one-day affair where distinguished speakers and experts in nutrition, child psychology and pediatrics shared their latest findings.

Leslie Beck, a registered dietician based in Canada and best-selling author of five books on nutrition, tackled the nutrition trends in developing countries.

She cited the increased intake of unhealthy food due to the emergence and convenience of fastfood outlets as a leading cause of high cholesterol and lack of micronutrient intake.

In order to address this, she recommended the "insurance" of taking a multivitamin supplement daily to prevent diseases caused by multivitamin and mineral deficiency such as impairment of the body’s natural immune function.

Prof. Keith Wesnes, a clinical psychologist, emphasized the need for children to take breakfast before starting the day. His latest study revealed that children who had breakfast and were subjected to cognitive tests during the day, performed better than the children who skipped breakfast.

He stressed that ages six to 12 are the most important time to maintain children’s health as these are the crucial growth years.

Dr. Oscar Sanchez-Guerrero, a distinguished psychiatrist- pediatrician from Mexico, shared his findings on the relation of nutrition and child stress.

He concluded that stress increases the child’s energy-protein needs because stress increases the metabolic rate of all bodily functions and in order to cope with this, a child needs more nutrients like vitamins and minerals.

Kathy Te, international product manager of Kiddi Pharmaton, emphasized the benefits of the balanced formulation of Kiddi Pharmaton.

Kiddi Pharmaton was scientifically formulated to be balanced, she said, to address multivitamin deficiencies and supplement the growth needs of children around the world. She said Kiddi Pharmaton is committed to improving the nutrition of children worldwide.

Reported by: Sol Jose Vanzi

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