MANILA, December 15, 2004 (STAR) It is a different world we live in today. Unlike in the olden days when things were done in a relaxed and slow manner, almost every activity today is hurried and harried. Young and old people alike are immersed in a lot of activities that stretch their schedules beyond working hours.

The reasons behind this hectic schedules are survival, ambition, competition and the need to excel. It is a rat race, and people need coping mechanisms to combat exhaustion and fatigue.

While older people go home to rest after long working hours, young adults who work till late in the day still feel the need to go out and relax with their friends, leaving them little time to rest. This is a dangerous way to live as it ruins the health of young people on the go.

In an interview recently conducted by the Ovaltine Pro Active Office caravan, young adults described themselves as harassed, overly tired and stressed out. There is Nina from the telecommunications industry who tells of how she manages events for her office which sells one of the biggest brands of cellphones. "There is no let-up as far as my work is concerned and sometimes, I feel like I just want to drop dead out of sheer exhaustion," she confides.

And there’s Jerome from a call center who works the graveyard shift. "I feel like I am always tired even if I sleep the whole day. It’s like I am living an abnormal way of life – I am awake while people are asleep and I am sleeping while other people are actively doing their business. No matter how I sleep and how much I eat, I never seem to shrug off exhaustion," he says.

The New Ovaltine ProActive Team listened to the stories of these young adults during their tour of different offices. The team conducted a self-enhancement program in each office designed to make young adults realize how a balanced life is essential amid the burdens of work.

The team also treated the participants to a free breakfast/merienda with Ovaltine ProActive drinks included. Ovaltine ProActive is a delicious and nutritious light chocolate drink that is low in fat and also contains the breakthrough Amino Pro B Formula which helps restore tired muscles and helps young adults cope with stress.

Nina, who took time to listen, says she will start prioritizing things in her life and enjoy it to the fullest. Jerome, on the other hand, says he now knows what nutrition means to a tired body, adding that he is now viewing things in the right perspective and living life in a more relaxed and balanced way.

Reported by: Sol Jose Vanzi

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