MANILA, December 13, 2004 (STAR) Todayís mobile phones are no longer devices that merely send and receive calls and text messages.

The Smart Amazing Phone (SAP) 2 is also a newspaper, travel guide, beauty magazine, CD player, gossip tabloid, directory, encyclopedia, a personal digital assistant and a camera, among others.

However, this latest smart phone from Smart Communications Inc. does not bombard subscribers with everything they think they want in a hodgepodge of menus that require them to go online each and every time.

Instead, the SAP 2 carries Voyager, a line-up of three software applications developed by Action Engine, an internationally renowned company that excels in developing technical solutions for wireless communications firms.

Understanding that a cellular phone is a completely different interface from a computer, Action Engine has taken the browser out of browsing. What the Voyager does for SAP 2 is allow a subscriber to use the Internet in a mobile manner.

SAP 2 users will now find it easy and fast to search online for movie schedules, celebrity information, travel tips, sports updates and latest trends using the Amazing Explorer, the first of three applications that make up Voyager.

The menu is easy to use since all that the user has to do is to click on the icons which represent the following categories: directory, movies, travel, celebrities, personal, music, sports and fitness, person finder, fashion and beauty, trade forum and Smart online.

Ninety-five percent of the processing is done off-line with the user going through predefined menus to get the information they want. Only one send command is launched to the network to retrieve all the information requested. Whatís more, the data can be saved on the phone so the user does not need to download the same content over and over.

"Smart has always prioritized the comfort of its subscribers. With Voyager, Action Engine addresses the frustration associated with having to wait for new menus to load and multiple text inputs just to find information. We want our subscribers to use GPRS because itís simpler than going to a newspaper, not avoid it at all costs," said Edgardo Bautista, Smart Mobile VAS operations and development group head.

Thus, with the Amazing Explorer, the subscriber can just click on DIRECTORY to get a listing of automated teller machines (ATMs), gas stations, banks, hospitals, convenience stores and other important establishments, search for whatís playing at what movie theater on MOVIES, plan vacations using the info downloaded via TRAVEL, and keep up with CELEBRITIES by knowing the latest showbiz news.

Other categories like PERSONAL, FASHION and BEAUTY, MUSIC and SPORTS and FITNESS offer entertaining stuff, while PERSON FINDER allows the subscriber to locate friends and relatives by name or mobile number. With SMART ONLINE, the subscriber is able to review account information and even pay his bills.

The TRADE FORUM is a completely new category, allowing the subscriber to buy, sell, trade, view and post ads for just about anything.

With so much important information downloaded via the Amazing Explorer and stored in the phone, the subscriber cannot help but worry about data loss.

The solution? An application that allows SAP 2 users to save the info stored in the phone onto a secure data server over-the-air anytime, anywhere.

Smart Secure allows the SAP 2 owner to keep back-up files in a secure location. Thus, in case the phone gets lost, stolen or damaged, important data like contacts and telephone numbers are easily retrieved and stored onto a new phone.

The subscriber can back up his files via Smart Secure manually or command the system to do automatic archiving at regular intervals, ensuring that the data stored are completely up-to-date.

The third application, Amazing Store, is best described as an online, 24-hour mobile mall that catalogues all the latest ringtones, images and various data services which are regularly updated by Smart.

With Amazing Store, thereís no more need to memorize and recall keywords and number codes since all that the subscriber needs to do is to scroll down a list of everything thatís available, click on desired items and download them all at one go.

Subscribers can avail themselves of all three applications on SAP 2, a Windows CE-based cellular phone. SAP 2 has faster processing speeds and more than double the memory of its predecessor and the capabilities of the PDA design to extend and enhance mobile communications for both data and voice. Built-in Bluetooth and a high-performance camera complete the powerful mobile package.

Reported by: Sol Jose Vanzi

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