MANILA, December 9, 2004 (STAR) By Manny De Los Reyes T- No, it will not give you Michael Schumacherís top secret engine telemetry nor will it divulge the seven-time world championís confidential sector speeds Ė even if you often see this drop-dead gorgeous notebook PC uploading data from his Ferrari before the start of a race. Perhaps, the biggest thing that the Acer Ferrari 3200 notebook can give you is maximum pogi points at the local Wi-Fi hot spot.

Of course, anything with the Prancing Horse logo promises speed. Lots of it. Which is why Acer, which became an official supplier to the Scuderia Ferrari team last year, fitted the 3200 with the equivalent of a high-revving Formula 1 engine: a super-fast 64-bit Mobile AMD Athlon processor, making it one of the few notebooks to use a powerful 64-bit processor as compared to most 32-bit notebooks in the market.

Itís also endowed with one of the most advanced AGP graphics card Ė the ATI Mobility Radeon 9700. Operating with 128MB of video memory coupled with a monster 512 MB of DDR333 RAM and a bright 15" TFT LCD screen, even intense 3D gamers will be impressed.

Incorporating Acerís SignalUP technology and its ultra-efficient antenna design, the Ferrari 3200 can roam further with enhanced wireless LAN connectivity. One of the first note-books to offer gigabit Ethernet, the Ferrari 3200 offers users warp speed LAN connections. Connecting to the wireless LAN standard 802.11g will allow you download speed of up to 54 Mbps.

Plus, being Bluetooth-enabled, the Ferrari 3200 leaves you unfettered by cables when connecting to other Bluetooth-enabled devices. And if you find yourself without broadband, Acer has provided a trusty 56K modem to ensure you can log on anytime, anywhere.

Like its illustrious namesake, the Ferrari 3200 is loaded with every option to make it a world-class, high-performance machine. Its numerous features include a slot-load DVD-Super Multi optical drive, 4-in-1 card reader (supporting MultiMedia Card, Secure Digital, Smart Media, and Sonyís Memory Stick) and a huge 80GB hard disk drive. An additional Fire Wire (IEEE 1394) port affords lightning-fast data transfers while four USB 2.0 ports provide ample flexibility to connect to an array of popular peripherals.

Needless to say, anything with the Ferrari logo should look the part. The 3200 gleams with Ferrariís lustrous rosso corsa (racing red, scratch-resistant, natch!) on the outside, racy silver on the inside, and even has a strip of carbon fiber for that high-tech, high-performance look. Itís so glossy youíd want to wax it on weekends. Acer even went a step further by including a USB optical mouse in matching Ferrari red.

With its distinctive form factor, heavy-hitting features and true high performance, the Ferrari 3200 is bound to become a collectible. The best part is you get to park a genuine high-speed Ferrari in your home for much less (approximately P140,000 retail price) than its gas-guzzling, exhaust-emitting cousins.

Reported by: Sol Jose Vanzi

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