MANILA, September 19
, 2004  (STAR) By Butch Reyes - It’s interesting what people find on the Internet these days. If you’re looking for answers to a tough question, you may simply type in your topic in a search engine box and be supplied with a number of results.

Joining forum sites is another great way of getting info and interacting with other people online. Forum topics can range from ways to pimp your ride and movie raves, to deconstructing Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code.

Or one can find love online.

The Internet has taken dating onto a whole new level; it has taken the complexity of meeting new people out of the equation and empowered people to look beyond first impressions. A new and exciting medium for meeting new people and friends, online dating is fast emerging as a safe and enjoyable alternative to regular dating, with its own collection of traps and anxieties. Online dating is easy, fun, smart and thankfully, safe. At the very least, through the Internet, you’ll find new friends and develop and widen your social relation-ships.

One of the most exciting online sites in this field of building social relationships and online interaction is It’s your best choice for building social relationships and life-long bonds of friendship. Why? you may ask. It’s because is all about people meeting people – and that’s more than just any ordinary guarantee.

• People meeting people. Meeting people online can afford you three things: time, minimal expense and a comfort zone (that you may not have on a blind date). Playing the dating game may seem thrilling, but at some point, it will take too much of your time, space, money and emotion. Because of its nature, online dating allows you to enjoy meeting new people without the prep time of a regular date. You can easily strike up a conversation with an interesting fellow in the comfort and safety of your room, or in a fave Internet café.

• A million and one possibilities. Online dating maximizes your opportunities to meet a lot of people, while compressing the time it takes to get to know them. With online dating there are virtually no boundaries; there are literally a million and one possibilities! In fact, the Internet has become the matchmaker for many fruitful relationships that started out online. It’s possible for you to get hooked up with people from around the world. But the great thing is online dating sites can also specify your search for people who share your interests or background. If you prefer someone closer to home, dating sites like have matchmaking services that allow you to search for prospects that are nearer to your locality. These sites even offer a variety of services that extend beyond the Internet. Aside from its Web element, also has itza-match Mobile, which keeps you connected even when you’re offline via your mobile phone. itzamatch TV showcases Crush ng Bayan, 3 Blind Dates and more matchmaking shows, while itzamatch Eventz and Travelz organizes and designs innovative and fun singles-only parties, events and package tours where its members can have fun and meet other singles.

• Instant results and new friends. The Internet allows you to have near-instant access to meeting new people. Most dating sites have instant search services that allow quick results, and with instant messaging, you may engage your prospects in a conversation in a matter of moments.

• Anonymity. You can begin meeting someone online and know more about him or her and yet stay anonymous for as long as you like. Only when you feel completely comfortable and sure that you want to take things to the next level do you have to reveal who you are. This way, the Internet takes romance back to its purest form: being able to know someone through his thoughts, feelings and ideas.

• More revealing. Interestingly enough, studies have shown that more and more genuine and sincere people tend to be more revealing about their selves on the Internet. It is thrilling and exciting to find out that you can meet people and know more about them on a deeper level in the Internet, especially without the barriers and expectations that usually accompany regular dating.

The possibilities for online dating are endless. In fact, more and more people are discovering that online dating is a safer and better alternative to regular dating. Who knows, your ideal match may be online right now, waiting for you to sign up!

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Reported by: Sol Jose Vanzi

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