August 2
, 2004  (STAR) By Dr. Arnold De Vera - C.C., a 32-year-old female working in Japan, noticed that she had less patrons than before when she was younger and more beautiful. She consulted me if I can do a facelift on her without the scars, so I suggested my own modified temporal facelift where all the wounds are hidden within the hairy area of the scalp where I could also pull the SMAS (Superficial Musculo-Aponeurotic System) altogether. Now she looks younger and more beautiful.

S.P., a 75-year-old former male professor of mine in the UST Medicine and Surgery, who is a world-class orthopedic surgeon, had asked me to rejuvenate him without a facelift and worse, do it in my clinic’s operating room to avoid scrutiny in the hospital. So I suggested to do a neck plasty on him where all the negligible scars are hidden under the chin to remove the turkey gobbler look of the sagging skin. Fortunately, it rejuvenated him and he is now happy with his second wife.

Success stories abound in cosmetic surgeries because of the simple reason that a younger and more beautiful person becomes more acceptable to everyone and sometimes becomes an object of love and passion. This I have seen in my patients in penile enlargement, bust-lift, liposuction and liposectomy, and facelift, noselift and eye seduction lift. Before they used to have inferiority complex; now they are proud like peacocks in bloom.

Normally, patients should have a follow-up three days post-operation and five to seven days after for suture removal and monthly follow-ups thereafter. Beauty and youth is now made affordable at reasonable fees; the choice is really yours to make.

(The author is the founder of Rejuvenatrics and Rejuventalology, a new branch of medicine and surgery whose goal is to rejuvenate man inside out. His special interests are the use of minimally invasive surgery in anti-aging and cosmetic surgery and the use of gene therapy and active specific immunotherapy against cancer.

He is a pioneer in the use of HGH – human growth hormones – in Asia and high doses of antioxidants in the battle against aging and other degenerative diseases. He also does penis enlargements. He can be reached at his private Anti-Aging and Beauty Surgery Center, 1823 E. Rodriguez Sr. Ave., Quezon City, tel. no. 721-2592.)

Reported by: Sol Jose Vanzi

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