Eigenmann: After I gave birth (in 2011), I thought I would be typecast into sexy roles — that’s the last thing I want for myself and my career

MANILA, DECEMBER 2, 2013 (PHILSTAR) By Nathalie Tomada - Andi Eigenmann has admitted that she got worried about being typecast after what had happened in her personal life.

“After I gave birth, I thought I would be typecast into sexy roles, and I just could not because — I don’t have anything against it — it’s just that it doesn’t suit my personality. After doing A Secret Affair, I got really scared of that,” said the 23-year-old actress and single mom to a two-year-old daughter named Elle.

Andi was referring to the film released late last year by Viva Entertainment, which saw her baring some skin and doing some love scenes. Viva is also the producer of her current movie When The Love is Gone now screening in cinemas.

“That’s the last thing I want for myself and for my career, because I want to prove that I can do anything the director wants me to do, whatever a script asks for. I want to prove my worth as a versatile actress, and engage myself in different kinds of genres.”

Her “typecasting” fears have been proven unfounded. She did the comedy Momzillas (also for Viva) this year, then transitioned to drama in When The Love is Gone, where she plays daughter to Alice Dixson and Gabby Concepcion. She’s also topbilling the fantasy-adventure afternoon teleserye Galema: Anak ni Zuma on ABS-CBN.

It’s been a series of one “wholesome” role after another since A Secret Affair, and her face lit up when this was pointed out to her: “That’s why I’m happy that after A Secret Affair, which is a work that I’m proud of and which I believe turned out to be really good, I’ve been given the opportunity to do comedy, then drama again. Perhaps that’s just proof that I’ve been able to prove myself.” Entertainment ( Article MRec ), pagematch: 1, sectionmatch: 1

At the rate things are going in her career, does she think she can surpass that acting achievements of her mom Jaclyn Jose?

“I don’t think about it, at the same time, I’m not going to say I don’t plan to surpass it because that would just mean I’m not aiming high,” said Andi, whose acting genes are also courtesy of her father Mark Gil of the Eigenmann “acting dynasty.”

“And I do believe that my mom and I have taken different paths. Maybe, I’m doing more mainstream compared to hers that are more quality,” she added, “although it’s my dream to immerse in the things that she does, but I’m happy with what I have and what I’m doing, and whatever is given to me, I’m just doing my best.”

How similar or different is she from her mother as an actress? “I believe from the attack to the techniques in general, magkakaiba po (really different),” said Andi.

She believes she has cultivated her own style thanks to her mom who never imposed on her. “I guess that’s the healthy bit of my mom of not ever teaching me how to act, or not ever watching me all the time and telling me what to do or not to do so that I would have my own attack on everything and execute (scenes) in my own way. So, I think it’s more raw, and I feel more sincere sa mga ginagawa ko dahil dun.”

Whenever she does a project, “I don’t aim to get awards,” she said, “but I aim to impress the people watching me and the people who gave me that job.”

Even with all her breaks since entering showbiz in 2007, Andi is still reluctant to call herself an actress. “I don’t feel it yet. It has yet to come, and I’ll let you know about it when I feel it. But I believe I will feel that I’m really an actress when someone credible will tell me that I’m better than my mother, hahaha!”

When The Love is Gone director Andoy Ranay, who also happens to be a close family friend, was one of those people who spotted Andi’s potential early on and encouraged her to go into acting, although mom Jaclyn was initially very much against it.

“I’ve known Andi since she was seven years old,” direk Andoy said, “Magkaiba ang quality of acting nila (mother and daughter). You can’t compare the two. I think Andi has become an actress of her own. She has her own identity. She got it from her genes, of course, the Eigenmanns and also from Jaclyn. She’s talented, she’s a sensitive young actress.”

The confrontation scene wherein Andi slaps a pie on the face of co-star Cristine Reyes, who plays the much younger mistress to Gabby’s character, is one of the favorites of direk Andoy (although his most favorite as well as most difficult to direct was — spoiler alert! — the torture scene involving Gabby and Jake Cuenca, who plays the husband of Cristine). The retitled remake of the ‘80s melodrama Nagalit Ang Buwan sa Haba ng Gabi tells anew of convoluted illicit affairs and the destructive consequences. Creative director Wenn Deramas stressed though that the film isn’t just another infidelity story cashing in on what seems to be the trend.

When pressed to weigh in on the movie’s themes (love lost, love gained), Andi talked about a relationship that was the first love and the one that came after that became the bigger love. “When I lost love before, it was easier for me to accept it and get over it because of the fact that it wasn’t as deep and serious as what I’m feeling now,” hinting that she’s still in a relationship (rumored boyfriend is Jake Ejercito) contrary to “unfair” talk linking her to co-stars — or about reuniting with an old boyfriend (the father of her child?), which she recently took to Twitter to strongly deny.

Because there’s a May-December love-affair story arc in the film, she was also asked if she’s open to that, but Andi was quick to say that whether the guy is older, same age or younger, she won’t entertain the slightest interest from anyone because “I’m loyal even when I’m single.”

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