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MANILA, SEPTEMBER 2, 2013 (PHILSTAR) By Chuck Smith - It’s impossible not to be compared to your family especially if you’re part of a famous showbiz clan. But Zia Quizon said she’s not really making any efforts to avoid comparisons between her and mother Zsa Zsa Padilla and sister Karylle.

“We’re just starting to shape the idea na it’s not about better, or worse or be. Everyone should be the best version of themselves,” the 21-year-old singer said when asked to respond to comments that she’s a better singer than her singer-actress sister.

Zia added that she believes Karylle is the best version of herself. “I can only aspire to be like that,” she said.

She further said, “I don’t feel that I’m there yet, so I would think she’s the better singer, kasi she knows where she’s going talaga in life and her ideals in life come through. I think it’s kanya-kanya na din.”

Zia just released her second album “A Little Bit of Lovin,” a follow-up to her debut album that spawned hits such as “Ako Na Lang” and “Dear Lonely.”


Her jazzy and playful sound, Motown influence, and gusto in covering eclectic tracks such as the White Stripes’ “Seven Nation Army” make her music far removed from the pop and power ballad influences of her mother.

But the singer said the difference between her music and Zsa Zsa’s music was not a deliberate decision.

“I think yun lang yung lumalabas pag nagsusulat ako or nagiisip na kami ng idea for the concept. It’s really an organic process,” she said.

“It’s not just about branding. It’s about being your true person na.”

This early, does Zia know how she would want to be remembered in the music industry? The young singer would rather not say.

“I think it’s preemptive kasi pag ganun,” she said. “I just want people to left with positivity after I was there.”

Focus on music

Intrigues aside, Zia is excited to work with Zsa Zsa and Karylle in the future.

The "Pasakalye” and “Bakit Hindi Ka Crush Ng Crush Mo” singer said, “It’s something exciting because we get more and more work together, so we get more chances to be together so it’s always a blessing.”

Zia said he wants to focus on her music. This means, of course, that she’s closing her doors on the possibility of venturing into acting—a field her family is also known for.

“It’s really something I’m not too concerned with now,” Zia said. “I think sayang lang yung momentum ng music ko in that sense because I really want to be taken seriously for my music first.”

Zia Quizon breaks away from the showbiz noise with a sound all her own By Ralph Mendoza (The Philippine Star) | Updated December 28, 2012 - 12:00am 27 2 googleplus0 0

21-year-old singer Zia Quizon can’t be stopped, even when wielding a flower in her music video for Ako Na Lang.

MANILA, Philippines - What she is is a natural. Shadows and silhouettes of her parents may have been cast down in her path, but Zia Quizon has merited respect in her own way.

Talent and charm are overt in that soulful voice of hers and she forges both with confident ease, as proven by her music video for Ako Na Lang where she strums a guitar, teases the camera, and sings in both Filipino and English — kind of like hitting two languages with one voice.

And just as her father Dolphy changed the game for comedy and entertainment, Zia Quizon is changing the game for local teen pop music by inspiring other artists to avoid singing it safe.

Bringing mellow jazz and soul to the fore doesn’t exactly scream “platinum hit” but there she is, always pushing her luck to see just how far she can go by just being her self. We’re ready to see just how big 2013 can get for this girl.

    Ako na Lang by Zia Quizon (Official Music Video)

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