Cloie Skarne and mom Jenny Syquia

MANILA, JULY 22, 2013 (PHILSTAR) FUNFARE UPDATE By Ricky Lo - Perhaps because she hardly has any memory about her father, Gabby Concepcion, whom she last saw ages ago, Cloie Skarne said she’s not yet ready to meet him.

“I haven’t seen him since I was a baby and I wouldn’t know how to react if I saw him again,” said Cloie, soon to be 18, who now uses the surname of her stepfather, Filip Skarne, the Swedish husband of Cloie’s mom, Jenny Syquia, whose marriage to Gabby was annulled.

“She grew up knowing Filip as her father,” explained Jenny who looked the way she did when she swept Gabby off his feet on their first chance meeting. “It was Filip who helped change Cloie’s diapers, raised her like his own daughter, taught her how to drive. I’ve been with Filip since Cloie was one year old.”

Funfare Update learned that Gabby is in the States to be by his wife Genevieve’s side while she gave birth to their second child, also a girl.

“But I’m close to my sisters,” added Cloie, referring to KC Concepcion and Garrie Concepcion, Gabby’s two other daughters with ex-wife Sharon Cuneta and ex-girlfriend Grace Ibuna, respectively. “In fact, since I arrived two weeks ago, I was staying with KC at her condo unit. The three of us sisters have been having a good time together.”

Cloie arrived ahead of Jenny who flew in Friday last week also from Sweden where the Skarnes have been living for years now, together with Filip and Jenny’s seven-year-old daughter Bebs. Last year, mother and daughter were here when Cloie signed a three-year managerial contract with Viva Films, and then Cloie flew right back to Beijing where she was studying Mandarin (she speaks three other languages including English, Swedish and Spanish). At that time, father and daughter were not able to see each other presumably due to time constraints.

“I have to learn how to speak Tagalog,” Cloie, who could pass for KC’s twin, smiled. “I’m staying here for good,” she said, “since I really want to join showbiz, maybe first starting as a TV host. When mom arrived, I moved out of KC’s condo unit and joined my mom in an apartment we’re renting.”

Now taking an acting workshop, Cloie also plans to take up Social Studies in college.

(Reminder: For more on Jenny Syquia and daughter Cloie, tune in to Startalk tomorrow, July 20, at 2:30 p.m. after Eat, Bulaga! An exclusive interview with Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman will also be aired.)

Run for Dolphy

To commemorate the birthday of Comedy King Dolphy (on July 25) and his first death anniversary (last July 12), the Mindfuel, Inc. and RUNtarantantan are spearheading Botak at Kadla ni Pidol “Tulong Para sa Kalusugan” on Sunday, July 21, with the Quirino Grandstand in Rizal Park as starting point. The fun-run/walk is held to raise funds for the projects of Dolphy Aid Para sa Pinoy Foundation, an organization dedicated to supporting key issues of our times such as health, education, children, environment and cultural preservation.

According to Bearwin Meiley, race director, the response has been enthusiastic.

“We want to thank everybody supporting and participating in this event,” said Bearwin.

Chief News Editor: Sol Jose Vanzi

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