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MANILA, JULY 15, 2013 (MANILA BULLETIN) By Nestor Cuartero - JUST A THOUGHT: “The important thing is this: To be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are for what we could become.” – Charles Dubois

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BACK TO SINGING: A year after her longtime partner Dolphy passed, Zsa Zsa Padilla has gathered enough strength and conviction to pick up anew her stalled singing career. She is doing this by way of a new album under PolyEast Records, which she has just launched. The singer-actress says Dolphy’s condition then prevented her from entertaining performing gigs. She also felt too depressed to be singing happy songs at the time.

Realizing that moving on is the best attitude, Zsa Zsa has opted to return to the studio to record a new all-OPM album, a collection of 10 songs – some new, others old. They are rendered in the passionate, dramatic style she is known for. Some of the cuts therein are “Dito Lang,” “Without You,” “Maging Sino Ka Man,” and the title cut, “Palagi.”

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AN ACTRESS NOW: Although now better known as a drama actress than as a singer, Zsa Zsa says the time is right for her to perform in concerts again. One of her dream shows is a triple-treat production in tandem with her daughters Karylle and Zia, who are both rising pop artists. She halted her performing career in deference to Dolphy, whose health was a more pressing concern at the time.

“I couldn’t possibly be doing tours while worrying about his condition. Besides, I couldn’t back out of shows, especially those abroad.”

Zsa Zsa says doing teleseryes allows her greater space for graceful exits. “They could write off your character in case of an emergency.”

Her current series, “Juan DelaCruz,” is a hit with viewers young and old. The role of the aswang matriarch is her most villainous to date.

She doesn’t mind being contravida. “I’m surprised that kids still like me. In Quiapo where we shoot, they’re not afraid of me.”

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ON KEEPING THE BAYSIDE HOUSE: Zsa Zsa says the Marina Bayside mansion she shared with Dolphy has become too big for her and other daughter Nicole. She wants to keep it for the meantime, preferring to live in a house with a garden. She hates the R40,000 monthly electric bill, however.

ON ZIA MOVING OUT: Her daughter Zia has moved out of the family home, a move Zsa Zsa allowed, albeit with a broken heart. “I understand her need to be independent.”

ON FALLING IN LOVE AGAIN: “Not now, maybe later. Problem is, men my age like women half my age. I don’t want a much younger man.”

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BEST PERFORMERS: Sam Milby (“Huwag Ka Lang Mawawala”), Sunshine Cruz (“Dugong Buhay”) and Carla Abellana (“My Husband’s Lover”) are three of the more revealing actors on teleseryes today. We single out Sam Milby in particular, who attacks his sinister, almost-psycho role in “Mawawala” with serenity and composure, offering lots of surprises to the role. The three aforementioned actors have been showing degrees of sensitivity and marked improvement in their craft. Congratulations!

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FORMAL LANGUAGE: Exasperated by the social problems (clogging of canals that bring floods) posed by so-called informal settlers, broadcasters and some government officials now no longer mince words when they discuss the problem. They call them by their real name: Squatters.

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MANILA TRAFFIC: For some reason, we notice that the flow of vehicles in downtown Manila has improved tremendously since Mayor Joseph Estrada took over administration of the city. Traffic no longer stalls right in front of City Hall and is usually smooth in the Quiapo-España area, both ways. Vehicles illegally parked on main roads, like Recto Avenue, have also been removed.

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LAST DAY: Today’s the last day of Eiga Sai, the annual Japanese film festival being held at the Shangri-La Plaza cineplex in Mandaluyong City.

Mounted simultaneously is “Destination Imagination,” an exhibit of Japanese toys at the grand atrium of the same mall.

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BY THE WAY… Andi Eigenmann plays the title role on “Galema,” a new ABS-CBN teleserye about someone who’s half-human, half-snake. The drama series pits, for the first time, first cousins Sheryl Cruz and Sunshine Cruz in unique mother roles.

Erik Santos plays at Resorts World Manila’s Bar 360 on Tuesday, July 16 at 8 p.m. Two BMW cars are at stake in the raffle overdrive promo for RWM members this month.

Chief News Editor: Sol Jose Vanzi

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