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MANILA, MAY 13, 2013 (MALAYA) GMA Network takes the lead in pushing for a more informed and better prepared Philippine electorate – by providing valuable airtime for election-related programs and specials plus a series of election advocacy ads and music videos all centered around the theme “Dapat Tama.”

If there is one song on almost everyone’s lips this election season, it’s the powerful anthem composed and performed by rapper Gloc 9 with singer Denise Barbacena. Created by Gloc 9 for GMA Network’s Eleksyon 2013 advocacy campaign, the “Dapat Tama” song reminds voters that their choices on election day will impact the entire country.

GMA has come out with several versions of the music video – even one including its news personalities led by Mike Enriquez, Mel Tiangco, Jessica Soho, Arnold Clavio, Vicky Morales and Howie Severino who share their insights on what “Dapat Tama” means.

GMA network has also just released an updated version of the novelty song “Bilog (Na Hugis Itlog)” to inform voters about the automated election system, in a fun and easy manner. GMA comedians Love Anover and Betong Sumaya dance on the streets –along with a cast of hundreds – while showing the audience how to properly fill up the ballots so their votes get counted.

Meanwhile, a four-part series of DAPAT TAMA voter education ads that tackle corruption, cronyism, vote buying and manipulation is currently on the air on GMA and its news channel GMA News TV, brought to life by indie film and theater actors who play the roles of a corrupt Mayor and his ill-fated townsfolk.

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Hoping to inform the viewers so they can choose and vote wisely, GMA’s “news pillars” share their thoughts on what to them is #DapatTama.

Jessica Soho: #Dapat Tama serves as a constant reminder for all of us that one could never go wrong by doing what is right.

Mike Enriquez: Candidates, their handlers as well as voters, know what is right. #DapatTama simply means doing everything right in accordance with the rules.

Mel Tiangco: #DapatTama is like our inner voice that keeps us working within the bounds not only of what we believe is right but also of what is generally accepted as right and morally sound.

Arnold Clavio: For me, #DapatTama means you should not do things that are not good in the eyes of God, that every decision that we make should always be based on God’s love and His commandments, what is pleasing in His eyes.

Vicky Morales: #DapatTama may sometimes be the flip side of Dapat Cool, Dapat Kumportable, Dapat Kakilala, Dapat Makisama, Dapat Malaki ang Kita, or Dapat Bida.

Howie Severino: #DapatTama to me is making an extra effort to do what’s right, even if it entails risk or discomfort.

Chief News Editor: Sol Jose Vanzi

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