MANILA, APRIL 8, 2013 (GETREALPHILIPPINES BLOG) POSTED ON December 1, 2011 -by benign0 - She is charismatic and animated. Perhaps she is the only child of the late national “hero” Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr who actually took after him.

Indeed, she not only stands out among her dowdy, dull, and uninspiring siblings, she outshines celebrities that are far more glamorous in her industry.

Kris Aquino was the face of the Aquino family in the rough-and-tumble “revolutionary” days of 1980′s Philippine politics.

Even then she’d be photographed and captured on video wearing her heart on her sleeve — crying openly when sad and laughing out loud when happy.

She was a contrast to the reserved and snobbish demeanour of her brother and sisters — the result of the gated subdivision and private school breeding that one can expect to have been ingrained into the scions of the country’s most powerful feudal clans.

Unlike her siblings, Kris chose the showbiz path. And she went into it full throttle — not like the way her other showbiz cousin, local equestrian champ Mikee Cojuangco went about it while trying to maintain her sosyal image in a sea of kajologan.

Like Aussie Michelle Van Eimeren, Kris Aquino plunged into the world at the other side of the proverbial tracks and embraced the way of life over there without reservation.

In short Kris Aquino isn’t conscious.

I use the word “conscious” in the context of the way Filipinos do things in a half-baked manner because they are conscious of being perceived to be too into something.

This is a bizarre cornerstone of the world-renowned Filipino Condition that fatally hinders Filipinos from achieveing world-class excellence.

By unconsciously being “conscious” while doing something that is “out there”, Filipinos unconsciously protect themselves from the risk of mapahiya (being shamed for failure).

You can see this pa-conscious mannerism in, say, the way third-rate celebrities perform those dance numbers they are made to do by their managers on one or the other of those Filipino noontime variety shows that infest the airwaves.

They look like they are going through all the motions, but their faces betray an I-don’t-normally-do-this-sort-of-thing-so-cut-me-some-slack appeal to the viewer.

Conscious ba.

So, perhaps Kris may be bakya. But I see nowhere in her manner that shows that she acts she is so while trying to make people believe she really isn’t so.

On the other hand, Kris’s brother current Philippine President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III is doing such at a national scale.

He is going about the motions of being President and doing presidential stuff, but really, we can all see that he really means to keep reminding us that “folks, I never really wanted to be President so give me a break…”

But Kris Aquino for President?

The thought does send a sharp chill up my private-school-straightened spine and offends my village-kid sensibilities.

But after taking stock of the banal hypocrisy exhibited by priest-and-nun-educated Atenistas and Assumptionistas, perhaps re-evaluating what it means to be real could involve a lot more than engaging in an orgy of mutual high-fives amongst an inbred clique over a digital space accessed using electronic fashion accessories that each cost the entire annual budget for food of a small Sagada town.

While the notion that one person may be “better” than the other has always been a subjective call and the epicentre of endless debate (and the kernel of the dogma of vast religions), how real a person is (whether that person may be real good or real bad) seems to be a call we are able to make instinctively at a very primal level.

The nature of Kris’s popularity it seems is fundamentally different from — and independent of — the engineered “popularity” that Noynoy Aquino surfed upon straight onto his comfy seat in Malacañang.

What draws people to Kris Aquino is primal. What draws people to her brother Noynoy, on the other hand, is just plain stupidity.


Kris-Crossing Mindanao: Kris is back By Antonio Montalvan II Philippine Daily Inquirer 7:58 pm | Sunday, April 7th, 2013 18 159 128

Now that Kris Aquino is home, will she be true to her word that she will resign from all her ABS-CBN shows? The promise is being awaited by legions, never mind Pulse Asia and Social Weather Stations surveys.

What does Kris say about the news reports—more of a leak, really—that she is being groomed for vice president in 2016?

Edwin Lacierda was quick to condemn Archbishop Emeritus Oscar Cruz as a “rumormonger.” Cruz was said to be the one who brought the “plot” out in the open. Lacierda’s retort was rather apathetic, evasive even.

Public office is a public trust and that, to be sure, includes the one held by his boss. In the face of the heightening public debate on political dynasties, Lacierda’s response turned up as a hear-no-evil-see-no-evil dodge.

A hardly believable response from one walking the corridors of power and belonging to an administration that touts itself as one that is committed to stick to the “Daang Matuwid.” Lacierda ought to come up with better responses.

By some indications, it appears that the Cory magic has gone into the heads of some members of the Aquino clan.

Bam Aquino leaves a bad taste in the mouth by reminding us in his political ads, amid the political dynasty discourse, that Cory and Ninoy were his tita and tito (as if we didn’t know already).

So who was his paternal lolo then, because Philippine history on the Japanese occupation is not too kind on him?

But the Ninoy-Cory equation must appear to be too tempting for the Aquinos to ignore. Manuel Roxas II will surely run for president in 2016, if our reading of his ambitions is correct. But he will not win. “Too aristocratic and proud, and the public perception has noticed that,” a close cousin of mother Judy Araneta Roxas told us. At this point, even if it is unexplainable to many, Jejomar Binay seems to have the numbers.

A Mar-Kris teamup fits snugly into the picture. Here is where Lacierda’s role as Palace spokesperson needs to be balanced with prudence, not just for plain defense of the First Family by calling anyone criticizing or questioning their public and publicized acts as rumormongers.

Kris herself has exposed her weaknesses to the public which perceives her to love public adulation in whatever form she can earn it, including using what many see as crocodile tears.

Kris as news fodder is not about show biz. It is about the integrity of the man who occupies Malacañang and happens to be her brother. It is about sincerity of intentions—not about promoting the Aquino family’s interests or about expanding its influence, even if one of its members is a popular president.

In fact, the family should banish the idea, simply because it puts President Aquino’s avowedly “matuwid” intentions suspect; because that’s the way all crooked presidents and politicians treaded in the past, because that’s the way they still tread today. President Aquino must veer from that path precisely because he claims to be matuwid.

It certainly is not just about asking Kris to stop fooling the public, although that certainly is part of the solution. The point is: 2016 should see the end of the Aquino dynasty.

This is the ultimate test of the integrity of the Aquino family.

Ninoy and Cory are now immortalized. Aquino can always lay claim to a historical legacy as the president of “Daang Matuwid,” and a popular one at that.

That is not to mention the cousins and uncles and aunts voted into government office because of the Aquino magic.

But a Vice President Kris will not be public service, it will be public abuse.

She can enroll in law, if only to understand how politics has degenerated in this country as a monopoly of the elite, who would want the rest of us to believe that they are families that God has ordained to reign over us.

Ballsy, Pinky and Viel, supporting actresses of Kris’ tearjerkers, must be honest with the Filipino people. They are not just sisters. They are sisters in power. They too are expected to walk the daang matuwid, even to guide us there.

Are they part of the scheme to elect a Vice President Kristeta in 2016? The sooner they free themselves of such a shameful ambition, the better for the remaining three years of their brother’s presidency.

Archbishop Cruz was too kind to say that Kris has every right to run for vice president in 2016. But I disagree.

She does not have that right, ethics-wise. Her family has already made full use of that right, twice and more.

They have had their turn. Let others enjoy that privilege. When a family’s time is up, it is up. Philippine politics must be that.

Advocacy against dynasticism has lately come back with some sneer and growl.

To sustain that campaign, I suggest that it use the face of Kris Aquino. It should scare the living daylights out of the voters in 2016. Let her be the face of dynasticism.

This is all about bringing integrity—not show biz—into a public trust.

Chief News Editor: Sol Jose Vanzi

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