From left: Victor Silayan, Wendy Valdez, Luke Jickain, Krista Miller, Joross Gamboa, Helga Krapf, Ethel Booba and Brent Javier]

MANILA, APRIL 8, 2013 (PHILSTAR) FUNFARE By Ricky Lo (Banat) They are bodies-to-die-for, baked and kissed by the summer sun, and displayed for lesser-gifted mortals (Ouch!) to ogle (Ouch, ouch!!) and envy (Ouch, ouch, ouch!!!) amidst the world-famous white sands of Boracay.

Let's call the roll:

Luke Jickain (The Wiseman), present!

Victor Silayan (The Lover Boy), present!

Joross Gamboa (The Jester), present!

Brent Javier (Mr. Boy-Next-Door), present!

Wendy Valdez (Ms. Righteous), present!

Helga Krapf (The Sweet Girl), present!

Krista Miller (Mysterious), present!

Ethel Booba (Diva), present!

All accounted for, so let the summer party begin!

Follow their lives as they spend summer together in Boracay on Boracay Bodies, a reality-TV show hosted by Phoemela Barranda on the Kapatid Network TV5 in partnership with Boracay Rum, airing starting this Saturday, April 6, at 9 p.m.

The contestants stand the chance to gain points from these exciting activities which will help determine who wins and who loses each task. Watch for the much-awaited grand party where these eight individuals compete for the title of Ultimate Party Boy and Ultimate Party Girl and P500,000 cash each (courtesy of Boracay Rum).

Before then, here’s a little talent quiz for the “Exhibit 8:”

What is your favorite summer place and why?

Brent: My favorite summer place is back home in Canada because that’s where my family is. No, wait, my favorite summer place is anywhere.

Luke: Favorite summer place is definitely Boracay because my family’s there and it’s paradise to me.

Victor: The beach! It’s the perfect place to relax. I love sleeping and waking up to the sound of the waves. I love that I can get a tan, wear the most comfortable clothes like flip-flops, sandos and shorts. It’s the best place to get your mind straight and clear your thoughts.

Joross: My favorite summer place is Surin Beach in Phuket, Thailand. It’s one of the best places for vacation, plus it’s a perfect getaway place where you can do tons of things.

Wendy: Beaches. Because it’s really beautiful there. You feel refreshed after swimming. The beautiful summer sunset can ease your mind.

Helga: My best summer place is Boracay because of the pristine beach, positive vibe of the place and fun summer activities.

Krista: Favorite summer place siyempre ang Boracay. Kasi ito talaga ‘yung puntahan ng mga turista — ito ‘yung unang-unang gustong puntahan ng mga tao kapag sinabing summer getaway. Maganda ‘yung beach, cool ‘yung parties, ok ‘yung mga bars dito. Mag-e-enjoy ka talaga.

Ethel: Boracay talaga. It’s like my second home. Sobrang free kasi dito. Walang pakialam ang mga tao. Kung ang buong Pilipinas ay free country, ang Boracay ay maliit na free country.

Recall your most memorable summer.

Brent: I don’t have one particular most memorable summer. Every summer is very memorable to me.

Luke: My most memorable summer, I think, is summer of 2004. I remember staying in Boracay for a month. I’ve enjoyed it there a lot that after that one-month stay, I had a hard time getting jobs naman because I was too tanned.

Victor: First was my Nestea FIT event back in the summer of 2010. I spent the first three or four days with my friends. And the following days until the 8th for the event, in which I won my very first big (literally huge) check of 50k. Now for the even more memorable one is the very fresh summer of 2013 for Boracay Bodies.

Joross: My most memorable summer is this year’s summer because of Boracay Bodies. Everything is there — drama, action, comedy and lots of partying, hahahahaha!

Wendy: One of my most memorable summers is ‘yung ginawa namin ‘tong reality show na ‘to. We are having a vacation and at the same time having fun and doing challenges. It’s a unique experience.

Helga: It was May 2012. I was with my friends in Boracay for Labor Day and we did a lot of cool activities together. That trip was super fun!

Krista: Memorable summer itong pagpunta ng Boracay for Boracay Bodies. Unang-una, madami akong natutunan, ang daming nangyari na ngayon lang nangyari sa buhay ko. And also, siguro nung nagpunta kami sa Tagaytay ng family ko. Kasama talaga ang buong family — lahat ng mga pamangkin ko, mga hipag ko, as in lahat isang buo kami. Sobrang saya kasi isang beses lang kami nagkasama-sama at talagang lahat kami masaya. April 2012 lang ‘yun nangyari.

Ethel: Sa daming beses sa isang taon ako nagpupunta dito sa Boracay, dumami ang mga amigas ko. Nakakalat lang sila kung saan-saan. Kaya ang mga gamit at damit ko nakakalat din from Station 1-3. Minsan, sabi nung ibang nakakakita sa akin, sa mga post ko na pictures sa Twitter, “Nandito ka sa Bora bakit ‘yun ulit suot mo?” Hindi nila alam kaya nauulit ang damit ko kasi ‘yun nga pumupunta ako dito ng walang dalang damit. Napapansin lang nila nagbabago ang hair ko, damit ko hindi.

[PHOTO: Phoemela Barranda, host of Boracay Bodies, airing on TV5 starting Saturday, April 6, at 9 p.m.

What’s the best way to beat the summer heat?

Brent: Drink a tall glass of cold fruit shake.

Luke: I think No. 1 is hydration so drink lots of liquids. No. 2, wear sunblock and don’t forget to put cooling gel in the evening so you don’t feel hot after.

Victor: Keep hydrated (one thing people forget) so that you can keep up with your daily activities. Do not forget to apply sunblock (a must) and cooling gel after (if available) to protect yourself from the UV rays that can cause skin illnesses or even cancer. Turn up the aircon but expect your bills to soar.

Joross: The best way to beat the heat is to accept it (laughs). Accept the heat.

Wendy: Have fun with your friends and just drink fruit shakes.

Helga: Drink a lot of water, find some water to splash around in and enjoy cool drinks and ice pops with family and friends.

Krista: Sa bahay lang, minsan nagbababad lang sa aircon. O kaya sabay kain or inom ng shake, halo-halo, mais con yelo… basta lahat ng malamig na pwedeng kainin para hindi ko maramdaman ‘yung init.

Ethel: Water talaga. Mahilig ako magpa-tan. Di pwedeng mawala sa akin ang sunglasses at watch kasi ino-orasan ko bawat pagbibilad ko. May kulay kasi akong gustong ma-achieve. Ngayon, achieve na achieve ko na, ‘day.

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