Is actress Sunshine Cruz finally giving up her marriage with Cesar Montano?]

MANILA, MARCH 25, 2013 (ABS-CBN) In an interview with columnist Dolly Anne Carvajal that was published in the Philippine Daily Inquirer on Wednesday, Cruz said that after being married to Montano for 13 years, she believes it is time to set her husband free.

"I just realized I did everything for the man I loved for the past 13 years. I fought, lied and cried just to protect the love of my life pero sabi nga nila kung mahal mo ang tao set him free. I'm doing what I think is best. After all, if you feel na hindi na masaya o kontento ang tao sa 'yo, bakit kailangang ipilit," Cruz said.

She also said if her life story were to be made into a movie, it should be titled "I Loved You, Goodbye."

On Monday, Cruz changed her account name on Twitter and Instagram. She is now using the Twitter handle @sunshinecruz77 from the previous @shinemontano.

The actress also said she is ready to return to showbiz and has received several offers.

Last month, Cruz blew her top after discovering that a number of her gifts to Montano are now with starlet Krista Miller, who co-stars with her husband in an upcoming film.

Montano had admitted that he and Cruz are having troubles in their marriage but vowed to do everything in his power to save his family.


Sunshine Cruz confirms return to ABS-CBN Posted at 03/06/2013 11:35 AM | Updated as of 03/06/2013 7

[Actress Sunshine Cruz. File photo]

MANILA, Philippines -- Actress Sunshine Cruz, whose showbiz career took the backseat after her marriage to actor Cesar Montano in 2000, has confirmed that she will return to acting soon.

In her official Twitter account, Cruz revealed that she will be doing a project with ABS-CBN but didn't give any details.

"Soon! Sa kapamilya," Cruz said as a reply to one of her followers.

Last year, Cruz made a guest appearance on ABS-CBN's hit daytime soap"Be Careful With My Heart" as the wife of Sir Chief (Richard Yap).

Cruz's return to acting is seen by observers as an attempt to divert her attention from her marital problems with husband Cesar Montano.

Last month, Cruz blew her top after discovering that a number of her gifts to Montano are now with starlet Krista Miller, who co-stars with her husband in his latest film.

Cruz turned to social networking site Instagram to confront Miller, whose posts on the same image-sharing service showed items allegedly given to her by Montano.

Montano had admitted that he and Cruz are having problems but vowed to do everything in his power to save his family.

Cruz has three daughters with Montano.


The truth about Krista Miller and Cesar Montano's affair according to Sunshine Krista Miller January 18, 2013 By: Annaliza Miranda Subscribe

[PHOTO -Krist Miller and Cesar Montano caught by surprise]

The three of them are in the midst of controversy, according to the report, Sunshine Cruz is having problems with her marriage due to alleged secret romance between her husband and a newcomer in the entertainment industry.

On Friday, Jan. 18, 2013, said controversy was featured on TV Patrol, one of the most credible news program in the Philippines. Based on the detailed information, Krista Miller is having an affair with Cesar Montano, one of the finest actors in the entertainment industry today.

Using her Instagram account, Sunshine Cruz revealed her feelings about the malicious intrigue between Krista Miller and Cesar Montano. She appealed for respect and decency, according to her, Krista Miller should return what is not hers and what she doesn't deserve.

As of this writing, reports are saying that some members of the movie press are looking for Cesar Montano to get his opinion about this rumor.

VIDEO: Sunshine Cruz on how she maintains her beauty, the rumors about her husband, and her family


'Sunshine Cruz exploring legal options' Posted at 01/18/2013 9:54 PM | Updated as of 01/19

MANILA -- Five years since she first sought to annul her marriage to Cesar Montano, Sunshine Cruz is again seeking legal counsel on a possible split from her husband of 12 years.

Atty. Bonifacio Alentajan, Cruz' lawyer, confirmed with ABS-CBN News on Friday that the actress is "exploring her legal options" in connection with a recent controversy involving her husband and Krista Miller.

The lawyer, who was one of the wedding sponsors of Cruz and Montano, said he advised the actress to try reconciling with her husband first before making any legal steps.

The rift between the showbiz couple stemmed from pictures posted by Miller on Instagram.

In a series of posts on the image-sharing site, which have since been deleted, Miller shared photos of an Abercombie and Fitch shirt for men, a pack of chocolates and an iPhone 5. The items, according to Cruz in her comments on the photos, were gifts from her to Montano.

Miller will portray Marita Zaragoza in a film directed by and starring the actor, "The Turning Cradle: The Untold Story of Alfredo Lim".

This isn't the first time Montano has been linked to another woman since his marriage with Cruz.

In 2008, Cruz planned to file for the annulment of their marriage, also through Alentajan, after the actor was romantically linked to a teen Brazilian model named Mariana del Rio.

The couple eventually reconciled, with Cruz saying she was willing to give their marriage another try.

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